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Task Force Officer to be Punished for Assault

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By Timothy Akintola

Gov. Soludo vows to punish officer for assault on popular pastor, Odumeje.

Two years after the nationwide Protest against brutality of the police force, the menace continues to eat deep into the social system, with zero improvement enacted to salvage this epidemic. The structure of the police force is so rigid that it has created little or no space for a systemic modification. The police force, created out of the necessity of protecting the lives and properties of citizens have contrarily brutalized and extorted citizens. The police force have consistently abused power, with innocent citizens being collateral damages for their excesses.

A video that has been making rounds shows Pastor Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere, popularly known as Odumeje, the General Overseer of The Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention and Deliverance Ministry being brutalized by a group of Task Force officials, with reports of his church allegedly to be brought down. This has not gone down well with numerous citizens raising their concerns over the lack of any form of change as to the continuous menace of police brutality, even after the protest.

Gov. Soludo vows to punish Task Force official for assault.

One thing that caught the attention of many Nigerians upon the video surfacing was the fact that he was being harassed even while complying with their orders. Chukwuma Soludo, Governor of Anambra State has however promised to enforce due punishments on the task force officials involved in the assault of Pastor Odumeje. Numerous reports have expounded in details, how a part of the building owned by the pastor was demolished with the supervision of the Anambra State’s Task Force.

Sources claim that during the exercise of demolishing Odumeje’s property, one of the Task Force officials reportedly started to physically assault the pastor, who complied with the directives of the officials up until then. The virality of the footage has since stirred a public uproar and while this serves up as a reminiscence of 2020 #EndSARS protest, numerous complaints have been put to the government to put in place, measures that will protect the citizens against the menace of police brutality.

Soludo expresses his commitment at ensuring the respect of law and order.

Soludo, swiftly reacting to the viral footage of the assault via a statement made on his official Facebook page on Friday expressed his anger at the delinquency, emphasizing his immense commitment to the respect for the law and order, as well creating a livable and prospering space in Anambra that not only acknowledges the Human Rights but further respecting these social laws. In this statement, Soludo also appreciates the citizens of Anambra for sticking with and trusting his governance to serve justice.

He further notes this incident will help the government to remain undaunted, as well as checking their excesses against brutalizing innocent citizens. Soludo, via this statement asserts that the occurrence, which evoked immense emotions as a result of its connection to the #EndSARS protest is an illustration of the unprofessionalism and sheer brutal behaviorism with which the Task Force officials carry out their day to day duties, promising to put measures in place to insure that this menace does not reoccur.

Soludo solicits support towards the restoration of dignity of the state.

Moving on, Soludo asserts the need for a continuance towards the mandate of developing the social and economic status quo of Anambra State, promising that his regime will work towards actualizing the best possible outcomes. Condemning the assault suffered by Odumeje and asserting due punishment to the Task Force official, he solicits for the immense support of the Anambra people, in a bid to continually work towards a restoration of the dignity of the state.


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