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Taraba Governor signs illegal mining bill

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By Abiodun Okunloye

The executive order signed will create a regulatory framework in the state.

In order to prevent Illegal Mining activities from taking place within the Taraba State, Governor Agbu Kefas, on Friday issued an executive order on this stance. The Governor, who signed the order at the state government house in Jalingo in a meeting with traditional rulers, stated that the order would be implemented to address the issue of Insecurity. He stated that his government would improve its regulatory framework and work together with all appropriate agencies in order to combat the Illegal Mining activities that were taking place within the region.

They must halt these illicit operations by reinforcing their regulatory structure, boosting enforcement procedures, and fostering collaboration among key sectors. He added that it is possible to benefit from the riches of their land while protecting it for future generations through the implementation of good Mining practices and the suppression of unlawful operations. He made a plea for traditional institutions in the area to work together in a cooperative and collaborative manner. Cooperation, he claimed, would enhance the Security situation in the state and protect Mining sites.

Environment degradation, health risk and others are resultant effects.

Illegal Mining has become a plague in the state, which has to be addressed immediately. Despite the sector’s potential for Economic Development, unregulated Illegal Mining operations pose serious risks to the region’s environment, economy, and cultural values. These practices exploit vulnerable communities and degrade the environment while posing health risks. The vast nation of Nigeria as a whole, and Taraba State in particular, have been struggling with the scourge of Insecurity. Rising incidents of Banditry, Kidnapping, community violence, and Farmer-herder disputes have brought untold agony to the people.

There is now negativity over their once peaceful existence as innocent lives have been lost, communities have been displaced, and property has been destroyed. It is the collective obligation of all of them to tackle these difficulties head-on and do everything it takes to bring back Peace and Security to their state. When confronted with such challenges, cohesiveness and working together are of the utmost importance. They need to put aside their differences in order to engage in discourse and collaborate in order to discover a solution that will last.

Collaborative effort is needed to cultivate an atmosphere of understanding.

By cultivating Peace at a local level and at the level of the community itself, they may prepare the path for a harmonious and flourishing state. He implores the royal highnesses to capitalise on their influence, to bring together their communities, and cultivate an atmosphere of understanding and collaboration. As was mentioned previously, because they are the custodians of their customs and Culture, they are in possession of power that enables them to mold the emotions and thoughts of the people.

Continuing on, he urges them to use the power to foster Peace, discourage violence, and inspire young people to take part in positive pursuits. They can make the world a better place for all people by setting an example of peaceful cohabitation and spreading the ideal of tolerance, respect, and harmony. The Governor acknowledged communicating with the royal fathers as a concerned citizen. He stated that if they worked together, they would be able to overcome the threats to their Security, eliminate obstacles and increase Productivity.

Common history would give them even more reason to work together.

To create a Taraba State that is secure, prosperous, and self-sustaining, he urged people to accept the appeal for unity, wisdom, and Community Engagement. He wished for the people of the state that the ties of their common history would give them even more reason to work together for a brighter future. Farmers have reportedly been driven out of Mineral-rich regions by illegal miners who degrade the soil and steal their livelihood. As a result of their actions, violent conflicts have broken out in the area.

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