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State police can solve insecurity issues–Gov

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By Abraham Adekunle

Sani, who sponsored a bill for it as a senator, makes a case for state policing.

In the wake of persistent security challenges plaguing Nigeria, particularly in northern states like Kaduna, Governor Uba Sani has underscored the urgent need for the establishment of state police as a critical solution. In an interview with Channels Television on February 18, 2024, Governor Sani highlighted the imperative of state policing to complement the efforts of existing security agencies in addressing the escalating insecurity across the nation. His comments come in the aftermath of recent bandit attacks in several communities within Kaduna State, including Kajuru, Igabi, and Kauru Local Government Areas.

Governor Sani emphasized the importance of proactive measures and collaborative efforts among various security stakeholders in mitigating the security threats. He commended the coordinated response by the Kaduna State Government, the military, and the Nigeria Police Force in swiftly addressing the situation in the affected communities and providing necessary medical care to the victims. Furthermore, the governor revealed ongoing plans to establish additional Military Forward Operation Bases in Kaduna State to tackle the resurgence of security challenges effectively.

Establishing that security structure will enhance security operations.

Echoing the need for bolstered security manpower to combat banditry and other emerging threats, Governor Sani called upon the 10th National Assembly to prioritize the enactment of state policing legislation. Drawing from his experience as a former senator, he recounted his sponsorship of a bill advocating for the creation of state police during his tenure in the National Assembly. Despite initial progress in garnering support for the bill, it faced a setback during the conference committee stage, highlighting the pressing need for concerted legislative action to amend the constitution and pave the way for the establishment of state police.

The governor emphasized that the establishment of state police is essential for enhancing security operations at the grassroots level. He stressed the collaborative nature of security governance, emphasizing that states cannot effectively tackle insecurity in isolation and require greater autonomy in law enforcement. Recognizing the limitations of temporary measures such as augmenting local vigilance services, Governor Sani reiterated the necessity of a permanent solution through the establishment of state police forces. In addition to advocating for legislative reforms, Governor Sani has been actively engaging with security forces to strategize and implement measures to address security threats in Kaduna State.

Advantages of having established state police structure.

He condemned the recent attacks and expressed condolences to the families of the deceased while urging swift recovery for the injured. Furthermore, the governor directed the State Emergency Management Agency to provide assistance to the affected communities, including support for those whose homes and properties were destroyed in the attacks. The call for state policing as a solution to Nigeria’s security challenges resonates beyond Kaduna State, echoing sentiments expressed by various stakeholders across the country.

Proponents argue that state police would facilitate localized responses to security threats, enhance intelligence gathering, and foster community policing initiatives. Moreover, it is viewed as a mechanism for promoting accountability, as state governments would have greater oversight and control over law enforcement activities within their jurisdictions. However, the debate surrounding state policing is not without its complexities and concerns. Critics raise issues related to potential abuse of power, politicization of law enforcement, and the need for stringent regulatory frameworks to safeguard against rights violations.

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Nevertheless, proponents assert that with proper institutional framework, robust oversight mechanisms, and adherence to constitutional principles, state police could serve as a formidable tool in addressing Nigeria’s security challenges. In all, the advocacy for state policing represents a pivotal conversation in Nigeria’s quest for effective security governance. Governor Uba Sani’s call for legislative action underscores the urgency of addressing the root causes of insecurity and implementing sustainable solutions. As Nigeria grapples with multifaceted security threats, the establishment of state police emerges as a compelling proposition that warrants serious consideration and deliberation among policymakers, legislators, and stakeholders across the nation.

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