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Sony introduces new cinema line in Nigeria

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By Usman Oladimeji

Widespread availability of the cameras will lead to increased quality production.

Sony’s introduction of a new cinema line is exciting news for the Nigerian film industry, which has been gaining momentum recently with its latest blockbuster films produced. Sony Middle East and Africa introduced Venice 2, the latest addition to the company’s Cinema line, in West Africa in collaboration with Abazee Productions. It is envisioned that the widespread availability of the camera in West Africa will lead to an increase in the quality production of films and other commercial content. Sony stated that the new line will foster inclusiveness, especially in light of the growing popularity of films from Africa on platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The region-first demo session was held at Nexthought Studios in Ikate, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial hub. Leading investors, stakeholders, filmmakers, cinematographers and content creators attended, including Clarence Peters (music video director, filmmaker, and cinematographer), Akin Alabi (filmmaker, content creator, and writer), and Ibidunni Oladayo (writer, content creator, and investor). This new release is aiming to bring to market a full-frame digital cinema camera with inbuilt X-OCN recording and a choice between 8k and 6k sensors.

It is built with superior image quality and a simple workflow.

Cinematographer, Digital Imaging Technician, and Trainer Alister Chapman shared his thoughts on the new camera, saying that it is built with superior image quality and a simple workflow that can be easily adapted whether you’re filming for Netflix or IMAX. He remarked that it would be a long-awaited dream come true for filmmakers, and that it would be especially helpful in capturing natural-looking skin tones, something that can be challenging to accomplish with existing technology.

The Venice 2 camera, which is centered to a user-centric concept for filmmakers, provides extensive opportunities from the perspective of a process that reduces both time and materials. Filmmakers can use it to set up more compact productions that are ultimately quicker, easier, and more imaginative. With its newly developed full-frame image sensor, the new camera was made for high-end cinematography, catering to the needs of the film industry while also expanding the capabilities of large-format image captures.

Abazee is now the first rental of Venice 2 in West Africa.

Many blockbuster movies, including Avatar: The Way of Water, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and Top Gun: Maverick, have been shot in and around Venice. Sony expanded on the original Venice’s features with the development of the Venice 2, which includes a smaller form factor, the ability to record internally, and the choice between a newly created full-frame 8K sensor and the old 6K sensor. Colour science, Dual Base ISO, and 8-stops of built-in ND filters are just a few of the fan-favorite features carried over from the original Venice to the Venice 2. It has even been verified and exhibited to work with Netflix’s proprietary software.

Following its debut in November 2021, Venice 2 has already been used on the sets of notable films and TV shows like Outer Banks 3, Take Me, Venezia, Homecoming the short film, Cowboy Currency, the Super Bowl halftime show and the upcoming sequel to the popular 80s Beetlejuice. Abazee Productions CEO Abayomi Olukanmi remarked that investing in Sony’s new cinema line was a simple decision. He stated that the timing of the Cine Line Tour was perfect, and that early reactions from people who have interacted with the camera had been positive. He is now the first rental company in West Africa to offer Venice 2.

The new cinema line is now available for rent in Lagos

Moreover, the new camera line is an excellent option for any cinematographer because it streamlines post-production. It’s capable of creating stunning, cinematic images in a variety of lighting circumstances, with accurate colours, deep blacks, and natural skin tones. Sony’s Senior Product Marketing Manager for the Middle East and Africa, Omar Abuaisha, recently announced that the new camera is now available for rent in Lagos, Nigeria through Abazee Productions as the company is looking to bring on board more African filmmakers.

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