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SON aims to curb Fake Products in Nigeria

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By Abiodun Okunloye

The PAM technology initiative will ensure that products meet standards.

Following the alarming spike in fake and substandard products in the Nigerian market, the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) has initiated a Technology project designed to curb the flow in the country. This increase has been detrimental to the Economy and poses severe risks to consumers’ safety. Malam Farouk Salim, who is the Director-General of SON, says that the technology, which is called Product Authentication Mark (PAM), will make sure that each imported and locally produced goods meet the required standards.

The verification of products by PAM will prevent traffickers in Nigeria from illegally importing or Manufacturing products that do not meet the required standards. SON will continue to operate as a facilitator of commerce in order to guarantee that importers’ and producers’ goods conform to the specifications mandated in nations. The PAM will assist customers in recognizing and rejecting poor items in the market. Additionally, it would also enhance efficiency, the employment of labour, wealth generation, and improve the safety of lives and possessions.

Substandard and counterfeited product spread will be curbed.

In its role as Nigeria’s standards and product quality protector, the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) has vowed to stop at none in its pursuit to rid the country of the danger posed by items that do not meet acceptance criteria. The organization has implemented a number of reforms, one of which is the formation of a task force that will be responsible for carrying out routine inspections and ensuring that quality standards are adhered to.

Moreover, the unrestricted influx of deficient items has resulted in rising concerns for public safety. This is due to the fact that many of these products fail to meet even the most fundamental safety regulations and present catastrophic threats to customers. The local production of goods has become less competitive as a result of the situation, which has resulted in a loss of Revenue for the government. This, in turn, has had a negative impact on the economy.

Nigeria needs to watch out and report any suspected products.

According to Mr. Tersoo Orngudwem, Director of Product Certification at SON, PAM will make it possible for manufacturers to offer authentic products, and it will also assist customers in identifying original products. Additionally, NAFDAC issued a warning regarding a potentially hazardous cough drug in Nigeria. The Nigerian population has been advised to be on the lookout for a potentially deadly cough syrup called NATURCOLD, which has just made its way onto the market in Nigeria.

Furthermore, it was disclosed by Mrs. Mojisola Adeyeye, the Director-General of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, that the lethal drug had already caused the deaths of six children in the nearby country of Cameroun. She cautioned anyone involved in the distribution of medications, including importers, salespeople, and others, to exercise extreme caution regarding the medicines they work with and to report any questionable products to any of the NAFDAC offices located around the country.

Both consumers’ and manufacturers’ interests are covered by the initiative.

This timely and desperately needed intervention the SON is doing to combat the problem of inferior products is exactly what the healthcare professional intended. This intervention will serve to defend the best interests of both consumers and manufacturers. SON is not only protecting Public Health when it ensures that only items that satisfy the required standards are permitted into the market in Nigeria; it additionally advocates equal competition and supports local enterprises in this manner.


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