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Some Nigerian students are stuck in Ukraine

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By Dawn

Countries bordering Ukraine are not allowing some Nigerian students safe passage.

International students currently in Ukraine are in a dangerous situation. The conflict in Ukraine has escalated in recent weeks, and the area where these students are located is now a war zone. There have been reports of students being kidnapped and even killed, so it is absolutely imperative that these students evacuate as soon as possible. The Ukrainian government is currently working on a plan to evacuate all international students, but it is not clear whether or not this plan will be successful. If you are an international student who is currently in Ukraine, please contact the embassy or consulate of your home country immediately.

Thousands of students are fleeing Ukraine into neighboring countries in an attempt to escape the conflict. The numbers are increasing every day, as the situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate. Many students are risking their lives in order to find safety and stability. The conditions in Ukraine are becoming increasingly dangerous, and the students feel that they have no other choice but to leave.

Many of those who have fled are Russian-speaking Ukrainians.

Nigerian students stuck in the crossfire in Ukraine have stated in various Youtube videos that they are being refused at the border and are seeking shelter that is hard and dangerous to find. The students say that they have been stranded for days and are running out of food and water. The Nigerian students are just some of the tens of thousands of people who have been caught up in the conflict in Ukraine. Since the start of the crisis, more than 100,000 people have fled the country, according to the United Nations. Many of those who have fled are Russian-speaking Ukrainians who have been targeted by pro-Russian militants.

The situation in Ukraine is dire for students, who often go without food or water and are forced to sleep on the streets in the cold. This is especially true near the border regions, where they are constantly at risk of being hit by Russian ammunitions. The fear of being killed or injured has left many students living in a constant state of fear and Insecurity.

The invasion has resulted in major losses on both sides.

The students need to be aware of the potential dangers that exist beyond Russia during this Military Operation. There have been reports of violence, robberies, and assaults taking place in the border regions by other evacuees. It is important for students to be aware of these dangers and take the necessary precautions to protect themselves.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine started on 24 February 2022. The invasion has resulted in major losses on both sides, including many Ukrainian citizens. The Ukrainian government has accused Russia of violating international law, and the United Nations has condemned the invasion.

Nigeria called on all countries to welcome refugees.

President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria recently spoke out about the issue of safe passage for all refugees and displaced persons, regardless of their country of origin or skin color. In a statement, he referenced reports that Ukrainian police had obstructed Nigerians trying to flee the conflict in that country. Buhari condemned the actions of the Ukrainian police, stating that all refugees and displaced persons should be given safe passage, regardless of their country of origin or skin color. He urged the international community to do more to help the victims of the conflict in Ukraine, and called on all countries to welcome refugees with open arms. This is an important issue that deserves attention from the international community.

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