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Solution Wi-Fi for Anambra population

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By Mercy Kelani

This initiative was proudly announced by the state’s ICT agency.

Anambra State government has introduced the ‘Solution Wi-Fi’ program to kick off the pilot phase of its Public Wi-Fi project, with the goal of upgrading the state into a modernized urban hub. The state ICT agency highlighted Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo’s strong commitment to leading the state into a technology-driven future. This initiative was proudly announced by the agency. In a statement issued by Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata, CFA, the MD/CEO of the Anambra State ICT Agency, it was revealed that the partnership between the agency and Pineheight Systems Limited (PHSWEB) has significantly advanced the pilot phase of the initiative.

According to Agbata, this initiative marks a significant step towards modernizing the state and fulfilling the promises made in the People’s Manifesto. This move is a major advancement towards entering the digital age. Governor Soludo outlined his forward-thinking plan on Pages 20 and 33 of his manifesto, promising to establish affordable and potentially free Wi-Fi hotspots in various public areas to propel the State into the digital era. He also expressed his intention to collaborate with development partners in order to bring broadband access to schools and public libraries, ensuring widespread internet access for all residents and further expanding the digital community.

Technology Everywhere, Everything Technology to life.

Agbata emphasized the agency’s unwavering dedication to bringing Governor Soludo’s vision of “Everything Technology, Technology Everywhere,” highlighting the importance of the pilot phase as a crucial part of the ongoing technological transformation supported by the Soludo Agenda. Mr. Agbata emphasized the importance of working with partners to improve internet access in schools and libraries, ensuring that people from all backgrounds have access to broadband services. During the pilot phase, users in specific strategic locations within the state capital Awka such as Aroma Junction, Book Foundation, and UNIZIK Back gate will have access to one hour of free internet 24 hours through the Solution Wi-Fi initiative.

More so, this initiative has already been implemented and is currently operational. In addition, Agbata pointed out that the three locations hold significant value for both students and businesses. By introducing Solution Wi-Fi in these areas, educational opportunities will be enhanced and businesses can strengthen their online visibility. Access to high-speed internet and free connectivity can empower the large youth population to start producing content that has the potential to generate income, among other possibilities. The opportunities are limitless.

A unique code will be sent to registered users of the Wi-Fi via SMS.

Businesses and individuals near the specified areas can connect to the complimentary Solution Wi-Fi by activating their Wi-Fi, choosing Solution Wi-Fi, and completing the SMS authentication process to set up a username (phone number). A unique code will then be sent to them via SMS. He mentioned that this particular code would act as the key to unlocking one hour of high-speed internet usage each day, covering a distance of up to 200 meters depending on the user’s device.

Furthermore, Agbata highlighted the state’s unwavering commitment to technological advancement with this innovative project, which has been lauded with prestigious awards as of late. At the NCCIDE meeting in Kano, Anambra State was recognized for its exceptional achievements in digital technology. It was awarded the title of Overall Best State in Digital Technology Development and also took home the top prize for Best State in Digital Infrastructure Technology Development. Additionally, Anambra State was celebrated as the First Runner-up in both e-government Implementation and Digital Technology Human Capital Development.

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The state’s dedication to technological progress is clearly demonstrated by these accomplishments, which are a result of ground-breaking initiatives such as the ongoing pilot phase. He emphasized that Anambra State has firmly established itself as a hub for technology within Nigeria, thanks to the unwavering dedication of Governor Soludo and resources allocated towards technology. The State ICT Agency has also confirmed its dedication to advancing technology, fostering innovation, and driving exceptional growth in the state.

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