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Shun corruption, Obi tells politicians

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By Abraham Adekunle

Former 2023 LP candidate stressed it can be detrimental consequences.

In a bid to address the pervasive issue of corruption in Nigeria, Peter Obi, the Labour Party Presidential Candidate in the 2023 election, has called on political leaders to shun corrupt practices. Obi emphasized that leaders involved in corruption are not only compromising the nation’s integrity but also setting negative examples for the younger generation. Obi raised a thought-provoking query in light of the concerning escalation of young individuals engaging in cybercrime. He delved into the origins of this unlawful conduct, firmly linking it to the impact exerted by parents and leaders.

The detrimental consequences of corruption on Nigerian society were emphasized by the ex-governor of Anambra State during a reflective analysis of the International Anti-Corruption Day, a day that is acknowledged worldwide. With great concern, he expressed that corruption has become the primary peril jeopardizing the nation’s survival, eroding democracy, tranquillity, and advancement, and impeding comprehensive growth and prosperity. Expressing concern about the erosion of the rule of law and disrespect for the constitution, Obi attributed these issues to the deeply ingrained corruption within society.

Leaders must set examples and eliminate corruption.

Particularly disheartening for him was the realization that leaders, instead of setting positive examples, are actively participating in various forms of corrupt practices. In light of the Chairman of the EFCC, Ola Olukoyede’s statement, Obi underscored the concerning involvement of Nigerian youths in cybercrime. He issued a challenge to society, urging a collaborative effort in scrutinizing the underlying factors that drive this phenomenon, specifically emphasizing the responsibility of parents and influential leaders. His statement reflected a sober appraisal of the prevalent corruption in Nigeria.

However, he resolutely expressed his unwavering dedication to a Nigeria that is free from the clutches of corruption. In his impassioned plea, he emphasized the imperative for leaders to set forth an exemplary path and tirelessly strive to eliminate corruption, driven by the noble intention of securing a promising future for successive generations. Meanwhile, expressing concern over the departure of multinational companies from Nigeria, Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate for the 2023 elections, has raised alarms as Procter & Gamble (P&G) joins the list of companies winding down their on-ground presence in the country.

Lamentation over P&G and GSK’s exit from Nigeria.

He, in a series of tweets, lamented the exit of GSK a few months prior and now highlights P&G’s departure, emphasizing a recurring theme: the absence of perceived growth in Nigeria’s productivity. In his Twitter posts, Obi cited reasons for these exits, stating, “The reason for their exit was that there was no longer a perceived growth in Nigeria anchored on productivity.” He pointed out that P&G, a global giant in personal care and household products, is leaving for similar reasons as GSK. Highlighting the broader trend, Obi noted that French pharmaceutical company Sanofi-Aventis and Norwegian energy firm Equinor are also making significant moves away from Nigeria.

Again, he reminisced about P&G’s strategic investment 15 years ago in an ultra-modern chain supply structure in Agbara, which is now up for sale. The former governor emphasized the importance of iconic companies in any economy, indicating that their presence signifies trust, confidence, and belief in the country’s socio-economic prospects. Moreover, these companies contribute to job creation, invest in research and development, and provide valuable training that benefits the broader industry. Obi warned that the exit of such global players reflects negatively on Nigeria’s medium to long-term prospects, citing an unattractive investment profile and a deteriorating business environment.

Calls for governments to take steps to reverse the current situation.

Finally, he attributed these challenges to the decreasing purchasing power of Nigerians and the absence of the rule of law, making it difficult to retain and attract iconic companies. Concluding his message, Obi called on governments at all levels to take immediate steps to establish robust governance institutions and actively engage in reversing the current situation. He stressed that national greatness and development cannot be achieved in an environment that scares away strategic international investors, emphasizing the urgency of addressing these issues for the country’s economic well-being.

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2 months ago

Shun corruption, Peter Obi tells politicians. – Former 2023 LP candidate stressed it can be detrimental consequences. – Express your point of view.

2 months ago

Peter Obi as a point also There are negative effects of corruption, particularly in politics. It erodes confidence, sabotages growth, and impedes advancement. Politicians must reject corruption and put the welfare of the people they represent first.

2 months ago

Peter Obi’s call to shun corruption is crucial, given its negative impact on Nigeria’s integrity and the younger generation. His concerns about leaders’ involvement in corruption and the exit of multinational companies highlight pressing issues hindering the country’s growth. Obi rightly urges immediate steps to establish governance institutions and attract international investors for Nigeria’s economic well-being.

2 months ago

Peter Obi advises lawmakers to reject corruption. – A previous contender for the LP in 2023 emphasized that there may be negative effects. it is good to shun corruption, corruption is one of things that make our country not to prosper we need to eradicate corruption for the progress of our country shun corruption by this politicians will show example to upcoming one not to be in part for corruption

Adeoye Adegoke
2 months ago

That’s a powerful message from Peter Obi, urging politicians to shun corruption. It’s absolutely crucial for politicians to prioritize integrity and ethical conduct in their roles. Corruption not only undermines the trust of the people but also has detrimental consequences for the development and progress of a nation.
When politicians engage in corrupt practices, it hinders economic growth, diverts resources away from important public services, and perpetuates inequality. It erodes the faith that citizens have in their government and undermines the democratic process.
By emphasizing the need to shun corruption, Peter Obi highlights the importance of upholding ethical standards and serving the best interests of the people. It’s essential for politicians to lead by example and work towards transparency, accountability, and good governance.
I fully support Peter Obi’s call to action and hope that more politicians heed this message. Let’s strive for a political landscape that is free from corruption, where public officials work diligently to serve the people and promote the common good.