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SBI Media Workshop to train Nigerian youths

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By Mercy Kelani

The workshop builds young Nigerians to fit into the media industry.

In 2020, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of SBI Media Group, Rotimi Bankole, embarked on a mission to give back to the community through workshops and expansion of the media market. His mission has been proudly supported by other organizations with the same aim as his; they include Sony Nigeria, Primedia, Boomplay, Turkish Airlines, Radisson Hotels, Media Crush, and many others. The workshop series was launched the year he marked his 40th birthday, with the sole aim of training the next generation of media entrepreneurs.

Ever since its launch, is free of charge for all attendees, with the featuring of well recognized and accomplished creators and media entrepreneurs, one of which is Kunle Afolayan, a popular filmmaker. The SBI Media Workshop, launched in 2020, helps young Nigerians to fit into available opportunities in the media sector. Young Nigerians between the ages of 18 and 35 are taught the identification of niches, creation of media value, collaboration with colleagues in the same field, and sale of content and channels to brands.

Over 500 Nigerians have attended the workshop, physically and virtually.

According to Rotimi Bankole, more than 500 Nigerians have attended the workshop series, both physically and virtually. Also, quite a good number of the participants are said to be aspiring content creators, media owners, and independent business owners.  This information is available through systematic approaches that will be offered to them during the workshop. He added that although the workshop, named after SBI Media, receives sponsorship and support from clients and the media, its primary support will always be SBI Media.

Through the evolution of production, transmission tech, and consumption patterns, sees major shifts, both locally and internationally. The evolution is accompanied by a lot of business prospects that can be explored by individuals, with only the use of mobile devices. However, without having the right skill and strategy, one might lose the opportunity, which is one of the reasons for the organization of the workshop series. Training acquired from these workshops shorten the distance between an idea and profitability, thereby breeding success in the sector.

Amazing talents in Nigeria are confronted by economic challenges.

The layout of the 2021 edition of the media workshop was a series of four master classes that spanned across gear, content design and channel building, copyright protections, audience segmentation, brand relationships, and monetization. The edition featured facilitators of renowned importance such as award-winning filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan; Instagram and YouTube content director, Edem Victor; famous music video director, Olalekan Buhari, popularly known as Unlimited L.A; Head of Boomplay Music, Dele Kadiri; and corporate lawyer and Partner at Perchstone & Graeys LP, Tolulope Aderemi.

Despite the amazing talents in Nigeria, in many cases, the economy poses a threat to anyone who wishes to begin a business. But with adequate training acquired during the course of the workshop, Nigerian youths will be able to easily navigate the economic situation in the country and unleash their endowed creativity. The country’s economic situation is a major reason why at the end of the workshop there is usually a provision of cash and free gear to participants with the most realistic business ideas.

These workshops seeks to reach two million youths in five years.

In the 2020 and 2021 editions of the SBI Media Workshop, over N4 million worth cash and gear was presented to participants to start up businesses. The goal of the media workshop is to reach out to over two million young Nigerians within the space of five years with media business proficiency that would bring about independence and self-sustainability for them. This year’s workshop will be a one-day event, just like 2021 edition, but will be held at a much larger physical venue and live online.

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