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Rising coups in West Africa worry Nigeria

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By Okunloye Abiodun

Council members should unite in their commitment to finding effective solutions.

According to the Nigerian government, the West African region is witnessing a concerning rise in military coups. This troubling trend poses a significant danger to the democratic values that the region has been striving to uphold. Yusuf Tuggar, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the Mediation and Security Council raised this issue during his speech at the 51st Ordinary Session of Mediation and Security Council. The Security Council functions as an integral component within the structure of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

In addition, the envoy urged the Council members to unite in their commitment to finding effective solutions, as exemplified by the recently failed coup attempts in Sierra Leone and Guinea Bissau. It is essential for them to collaborate and take responsibility for tackling the present obstacles in order to establish enduring peace and stability in this region. The envoy expressed admiration for the determined endeavours of both governments in Sierra Leone and Guinea Bissau, as they successfully prevented any disruptions to their constitutional balance.

Participants’ existential issues and the betterment of its members.

During this meeting, participants have a chance to thoroughly explore the existential issues they face together and also come up with plans to address these new challenges for the betterment of the community members. Through these conversations, they have the power to shape policies that will contribute to a coordinated and comprehensive response. This response will be in line with the desires and goals of their Member States. As the discussions continue, progress will be made.

He stressed the importance of active participation in meaningful discussions, encouraging an open-minded acceptance of different viewpoints to create a welcoming environment for interaction and support. The direction in which they steer their choices should be influenced by a commitment to honesty, incorporating all voices, as well as advancing the ideals of a democratic society, he remarked. Tuggar also commended Liberia’s government and its citizens for successfully carrying out the most recent Presidential and legislative elections.

Peace of each region is an essential tool for advancement.

Furthermore, the Ambassador commended the nation’s unwavering dedication to democratic values as well as its beliefs, considering the elections as a remarkable demonstration of this commitment. The tireless devotion of the ECOWAS Commissions leadership, alongside the Heads of ECOWAS Institutions, was hailed by the Minister. Equally worthy of praise were the committed employees, whose relentless contributions have been instrumental in promoting the community’s welfare and cultivating a climate of peace and security across the entire region.

Many people believe that ECOWAS has played a significant role in promoting economic growth and collaboration in diverse regions. However, when it comes to tackling issues related to democracy and governance, it has not been successful. Economic sanctions, particularly those imposed by countries facing their own economic issues and priorities, lack the necessary influence to dissuade a leader who is determined to take power for non-economic motives. Moreover, deterrence can only be effective when measures are consistently and predictably implemented.

Consensus remains an elusive objective within ECOWAS.

Lastly, ECOWAS, having witnessed immense insecurity and volatility, has dispatched a peacekeeping force on seven separate occasions since its inception. Despite the recent wave of coups, ECOWAS has not deployed any security or peacekeeping forces since 2017, when it intervened in Gambia, successfully concluding the coup without resorting to violence. Consensus remains an elusive objective within ECOWAS, just as it does in numerous other multilateral institutions. Particularly challenging is the task of reaching an agreement on matters pertaining to sanctions and military intervention that transcend state borders.

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2 months ago

Rising coups in West Africa worry Nigeria. – Council members should unite in their commitment to finding effective solutions. – Express your point of view.

2 months ago

The rise in military coups in West Africa is alarming. It’s imperative for our government and ECOWAS to collaborate effectively, finding solutions to preserve democratic values and regional stability. The commendable efforts of Sierra Leone and Guinea Bissau in thwarting coup attempts should inspire collective action. We must prioritize open discussions, active participation, and consistent measures to ensure lasting peace in our region.

Adeoye Adegoke
2 months ago

I understand your concern about rising coups in West Africa and the need for effective solutions. As for China’s slow pandemic recovery, it could have potential impacts on Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa’s growth. China is a major trading partner for many African countries, including Nigeria. If China’s economy continues to struggle, it could affect trade and investment flows, which may have ripple effects on Nigeria’s economy. However, it’s important to note that the situation is complex and there are many factors at play. It’s crucial for Nigeria and other African countries to diversify their trade partnerships and strengthen their own economies to mitigate any potential impact.

2 months ago

Alarmingly, military coups are becoming more common in West Africa. Finding workable solutions requires cooperation among Council members. In order to address community challenges, the negotiation and Security Council must have meaningful discussions.

2 months ago

Growing coups in West Africa are concerning Nigeria. In light of the rise in coups in West Africa and the need for workable solutions, council members ought to band together in their dedication to identifying workable answers. In order to achieve lasting peace and security in this area, they will need to cooperate and take ownership of resolving the current issues.