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Restructuring needs good diversity management

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By Abiodun Okunloye

Nigeria can be rebuilt by fair management of its diversities - Okonkwo.

At the launching and public appearance of Professor Obiora Okonkwo’s book titled “Making Nigeria Work, Pathways to Greatness,” Okonkwo, who is the University of Abuja Business Professor and also a Chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), stated that the just and equitable handling of the country diversities would be the ideal solution to rebuild Nigeria. The book, which is structured into 15 chapters, offers new perspectives on pressing problems like how to unify and peacefully coexist with Nigeria’s many different ethnic groups.

The book’s first chapter discusses the “Value of Diversity: Restructuring to Save Nigeria,” and its second, “The Quest for a New Nigeria,” focuses on Michael Okpara’s model. Reawakening the Long-standing Norms as well as the People’s Values is the focus of chapter 8, while the media’s role in nation building is covered in chapter 12. The event served as a birthday celebration for Okonkwo, a past candidate for governor of Anambra State. He stated that a reformed structure would refocus Nigerians on their respective states. The professor added that Nigerians would make governors and state legislators more responsible than the federal government.

Right, and responsibility taking is the act of true federalism.

Moreover, the 262-page book, according to Okonkwo, who is also the United Nigeria Airlines Chairman/CEO was his gift to academic institutions as well as a contribution to the intellectual community. He further said that the more the country waits to reorganize, the more damage and pain it will endure. True Federalism does not really imply taking things that do not pertain to anyone; rather, it implies that individuals have and exercise the rights and responsibilities that are their burden.

In a system of genuine federalism, several levels of government within each state work together to accomplish their constitutionally mandated goals. They benefited much from this constitution, which was negotiated prior to independence, and it brought in the most significant period of growth in the country’s history. It will put an end to many problems, and he expressed the hope that his book’s objections and opinions would help individuals know that his goal was not to cause harm or deprivation but rather to bring about greater happiness for all Nigerians by creating a unified country where everyone is treated fairly.

Restructuring will bridge all ethnic diversification in the country.

Professor ABC Nwosu, Minister of Health also the writer of the book’s forward, praised Professor Okonkwo as an exceptional individual who has successfully integrated intellect, entrepreneurship, and Politics for the benefit of Nigeria. Nwosu said it was ridiculous to believe restructuring was telling people to return to the regions and no federation wanted that. He explained that Okonkwo placed restructuring in point of view by asserting that restructuring meant organizing all aspects of diversity in the country because each ethnic nationality was formed to be in Nigeria and has equal rights. He said any attempt to create high-ranking and low-ranking Nigerians would invite trouble.

He noted that the late Michael Okpara’s selfless service made sure that a lot of people gained from it. Therefore, he encouraged leaders to use Michael Okpara as a good example of governance, saying that anyone who aspires to be like him is on the path of growth. The official launch of the book by the event’s chairman Dr. Abubakar Saraki, the past president of the Senate, and guest of honor, Senator Anyim Pius Ayim, former Secretary to the Government of the Federation. Air Peace CEO Allen Onyema, Senator Uche Ekwunife, captains of industry, and others attended the event.

States need to collaborate to boost their economy.

According to Professor Okonkwo, the states in the South-East could work together to construct monorails or railways that would link all of the state capitals in the area and stimulate the Economic Growth that would propel the region’s development. States in several other regions could also unite to create the initiative for mutual advantage. As a result, states will now be compelled to consider their diversification in order to integrate the most underdeveloped regions and utilize their best resources. In the book, he remarked that restructuring would accomplish this, but it has yet to occur since the present government structure enthrones a management recruiting system that does not permit the best from others’ diversity.


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