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Rehab complete for former BH Members

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Individuals have undergone the social reintegration process.

TVC News Nigeria gives us a report on 594 former BH Members

Deradicalization is a multifaceted process which involves the systematic dismantling of extremist beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. It is a process which seeks to undo the radicalization process by reintegrating individuals or groups that have become entrenched in extremist ideologies back into society. This process requires a complex, multifaceted approach which encompasses both psychological and social measures.

On the psychological level, deradicalization aims to identify and address the motivations and psychological triggers that have led an individual to become radicalized. This includes addressing the feelings of alienation and disempowerment which may have contributed to the radicalization process. On the social level, deradicalization involves the development of alternative models of identity and community which offer individuals a sense of belonging and community, it aids with the healing process by dealing directly with the problems at hand.


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