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Recycling keeps the environment clean

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By Mercy Kelani

Waste management will improve health and economy in the country.

The Lagos State Government, during the first year anniversary of WasteXchange applauded the management for its revolution of plastic waste management. Even Lagos State residents were advised to take this act as a way of life. WasteXchange Limited’s first anniversary also welcomed the formal announcement of the Coca-Cola Foundation’s Grant of a 500 kilogram bailing machine, working capital and scale to the WasteXchange. General Manager of the Lagos State Environment Protection Agency (LASEPA), Dr. Dolapo Fasawe, affirmed the excitement of the state leadership, concerning their partnership with WasteXchange.

According to Dr. Fasawe, proper management of waste makes it easier to ensure the protection of the environment and improvement of economy and health. She stated that plastic are recyclable as they do not biodegrade. They can be used for about ten decades as these plastic bottles can be turned into chairs and tables, which in turn can also be turned into roofing materials, and also processed into plastic slippers and school bags. This process is known as circular economy whereby they waste of someone becomes raw materials for someone else.

Creation of value for waste encourages recycling.

In the GM’s words, Lagosians will save plastics when they are aware that money can be earned by giving them to recyclers. This is a culture that is being promoted by WasteXchange through its encouragement of people to bring pet bottles and cans for instant cash. The Lagos government, in its role, is ensuring sustainable waste management and the establishment of mechanized dump site. LASEPA’s boss further highlighted that waste management is a way of life, not a project or a programme, and is a collective responsibility.

Speaking at the anniversary ceremony, the Managing Director of SC Facilities Management, Mrs. Oluwatoyin Fashola, asserted that the company is an enterprise that aims at ensuring sustainable waste management and a cleaner Nigerian environment. Through creation of value for citizens’ everyday waste at the recycling hub, the company inspires people to embrace recycling. The SC Facilities Management is an organization that is currently in operation of an incentive and cash reward scheme. It collects recyclable waste products from registered customers, residential estate, waste pickers, and others – rewarding them according to their volume of products.

Plastics are not degradable and should be recycled.

Mrs. Fashola added that the total value chain of the organization’s unique waste recycling mode ensures promotion of poverty eradication, youth employment, environmental sustainability, woman empowerment, community engagement and most importantly national development. The special adviser on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to Lagos State Governor, Ms. Solape Hammond, stated that the work of WasteXchange is uniquely admirable because the plastics are not degradable. The company’s idea is to collaborate with citizens to transform this likely problem into benefits for everyone, the state inclusive.

Additionally, the General Manager of Lagos State Parks and Gardens agencies (LASPARK), Mrs. Adetoun Popoola, commended the management of wasteXchange for its care for the Lagos environment. While doing this, she urged the company to keep doing it in every part of Lagos. Also buttressing the comments of other speakers, the President of Lagos State Recyclers Association, Dr. Femi Idowu Adegoke, said that the celebrated company is now a model for community recycling that involves the contribution of everyone in the community.

All citizens are urged to join the fight against a dirty Lagos.

More so, Dr. Adegoke affirmed the proper representation of everyone within the Oniru community. This statement shows that investment has settled in this community, and is contributing positively to its change. Dr. Fasawe also encouraged all citizens to contribute to the fight against a dirty Lagos, assuring the people that the government will play its role. Succinctly, WasteXchange is a recycling agency, founded by Mrs. Oluwatoyin Fashola and Mrs. Yewande Soyannwo, for the purpose of ensuring a cleaner environment.

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