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Reading culture should be fueled in Nigeria

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By Mercy Kelani

A newly launched book possesses narratives of social and political events.

Recently, a book titled “Honey and Maggots” written by Adejoke Adeosun, a professional lawyer and writer, was launched in Lagos and have been receiving comments from the public ever since. The book is majorly a portrayal of the experiences of random people and their impacts on the decisions guiding things in the country, particularly the relationship that exists between the governing and the governed. It emphasizes the events of political uprisings and the assertiveness and activism that accompanies it.

At the book launch, the writer announced to the audience that the book project was inspired by her desire and passion for a country that is more united and prosperous. Some of the characters in the book include Dimeye, Bolu, Kumi, Aisha, Mama Nana, Patrick, Abdul, Julia, and Wade. These characters portray the significant effects of Nigeria’s social, political, economic, religious dynamics on individual and social relationships. The narrative also revolves around the complexities of Nigerian life as it merges personal experiences within aspects of socio-politics.

Nigerians possess a resilient spirit even during challenges.

‘Honey and Maggots’ is regarded as a rich mixture of human experiences. It depicts the joys, resilience, pains, and hope that exist during adversity in an underdeveloped country. Subtly, the writer permits readers to picture themselves in the lives of the characters in the book, while they simultaneously find themselves in the dangerous Nigerian politics. The book restates some major political events in the country like the annulment of the June 12 Presidential elections, the COVID-19 pandemic and the ENDSARS protests and its consequent turnouts.

Disparate narratives and perspectives were creatively merged together by the writer as each chapter of the book gives a different perspective to view the life of the average Nigerian in a complex but an attractive manner. Adeosun implemented the resilient spirit of Nigerians in the midst of challenges which is apparent in the happiness generated by the victory of the Nigerian team over Brazil at the Olympic Games. The journey of one of the characters through pregnancy loss and struggles of the characters during political and social upheavals.

Goals of Nigerians are the same, regardless of tribe and religion.

This narrative focuses more on the factor that unite Nigerians as a people rather than what cause division between them. According to the plot of the story, it was revealed that every Nigerian, regardless of tribe, belief or religion, desire the same goal. It more of a case of wisdom over anger. It show the inability to proffer solutions to problems using the same medium that made them exist in the first instance. Therefore, it called out to young Nigerians to find out solutions to the many problems in the country as the most informed set of Nigerians.

Speaking at the event of her book launch, the author advised all Nigerians, especially the Nigerian youths to ensure adoption of a more healthy reading culture. She added that there have been a massive decline in reading habits owing to the advent of social media. She recognized this as a dangerous trend which needs to be contained with immediate effects and at all cost. She added that reading is responsible for feeding minds as it teaches about the past, present and the future.

Reading fosters efficient decision making for youths.

Developing reading culture helps youths to make good decisions and be educated on how to tackle present and future challenges decisively and efficiently. The author of ‘Honey and Maggots’ said that she was expecting criticisms, reviews, applauds and ratings on the book as it is now available in certified online platforms and in hard copies. She further added that these comments, as regards her book, will help her improve and make corrections as she moves forward to write subsequent literary works. Another inspiration that brought about the book was the outlook of some people, differing from their characters.

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