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By Akintola Timothy

Updates on major events including Kobe, Manchester United, Čeferin and Tebas.

Kobe Bryant will have three statues outside the Crypto Arena.

LA Lakers’ legend, Kobe Bryant is set to be honoured with three statues outside the Crypto Arena, four years after his heart breaking demise. The first of three statues was unveiled on February 8th, with the number 8 jersey which he wore from 1996 until 2007. The second statue will have the number 24 jersey and the third, featuring his daughter, Gianna who also died in the helicopter crash. Sharing this at the first unveiling, Vanessa Bryant noted that the love that Kobe commanded in the Los Angeles area and all over the world triggered the decision to give him three statues in front of the Crypto Arena, which will be named “The House That Kobe Built”.

Manchester United consider recruiting club legend, Van Persie.

Robin Van Persie etched his name as one of Manchester United’s fan favourite after helping Manchester United win their 20th league title in his first season at the club. Since, he has been a constant at the club, attending their games and is now taking a UEFA coaching course at the course. Suggestions across major sources are now pointing to Manchester United potentially recruiting the former striker as a forward coach when he acquires his UEFA coaching license.

Aleksander Čeferin will not run for UEFA presidency in 2027.

Despite rumours making rounds, UEFA President, Aleksander Čeferin has announced that he will not be running for the role in 2027 and will rather focus on spending time with his family. This comes moments after the Congress voted in acceptance of him running for the fourth time. He also explicitly aimed a dig at former UEFA Chief of Football, Zvonimir Boban, who resigned from his position in protest against Čeferin being eligible to contest again.

La Liga President comments on Real Madrid potential signings after Mbappé.

The Mbappé-Real Madrid saga looks to be heating up again, this time with more possibility of the Frenchman actualizing the potential move. La Liga President, Tebas also confirmed this transfer in one of his recent interviews, noting that the move was 60 percent sure. He however also revealed that Real Madrid will be looking to sign more players like Alphonso Davies to further improve their squad. Asked about the implications of signing these players on their financial status, Tebas noted that Real Madrid was in a good financial situation to make these signings.

Erik ten Hag speaks on Varane and Jonny Evans’ contract situations.

Manchester United have struggled with injury crises this season, especially with the defence. There has been a number of defensive pairings due to the recurrent injuries faced all season. Defensive pair, Raphaël Varane and Jonny Evans’ contract are set to expire this summer and there has been no talks for a potential extension for the two players. Man. United’s manager, Erik ten Hag have now revealed that no decision has been made about both Varane and Evans’ contracts. Reports are however certain that United will be looking to cash in on Varane, pending a contract from Saudi Arabia.

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Ask Nigeria
19 days ago

Read latest stories on sports worldwide.Updates on major events including Kobe, Manchester United, Čeferin and Tebas. – Express your point of view.

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Adeoye Adegoke
18 days ago

Firstly, the sports community is still mourning the loss of Kobe Bryant, a legendary basketball player who had a profound impact on the game and beyond. His legacy continues to inspire many athletes and fans around the world.
In the world of football, Manchester United has been making headlines with their recent performances and managerial changes. It’s always exciting to see how top football clubs navigate through their seasons and compete for titles.
Speaking of football, Čeferin and Tebas are prominent figures in the sport. Aleksander Čeferin is the president of UEFA, the governing body for European football, while Javier Tebas is the president of La Liga, the top professional football league in Spain. Both individuals play crucial roles in shaping the future of football and ensuring its growth and success.

18 days ago

It is a wise decision, since UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin has given his all to serve, to not seek reelection in 2027 and instead prioritize his family. European Union After obtaining his UEFA coaching license, Robin Van Persie of Manchester United may hire the former striker as a forward coach. If hired, we hope he can maximize the potential of the offensive talent for the team.

18 days ago

Having declared his intention to prioritize spending time with his family, Aleksander Čeferin will not be seeking reelection in 2027. Within four years of his tragic death, Kobe Bryant, the legendary player of the Los Angeles Lakers, will be honored with three sculptures outside the Crypto Arena. Featuring the number 8 jersey that he wore from 1996 to 2007, the first of three sculptures was presented on February 8.Varane and Evans’ contracts are still up for debate, according to Erik ten Hag.