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Reactive Aid investing into a broken system

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By Dawn

Why do we believe we need other countries to fix our problems.

Humanitarian efforts and large cash contributions are no stranger to Nigeria. A few weeks ago, a group of Nigerian women came together to raise money for the victims of the Boko Haram insurgency in the northeast of the country. The women, who are all self-employed, pooled their resources and gathered over $6,000 in just three days. This is a great example of the Nigerian spirit of resilience and self-reliance.

Despite the many challenges that Nigeria faces, the country is still a major contributor to global humanitarian efforts. Nigeria has consistently worked to uphold the UN’s principles and to promote international Peace and cooperation.

Nigeria can become a more stable and prosperous country.

Nigeria takes in considerably more money than it receives from the UN. This is largely due to its vast natural resources, which include oil and gas reserves. Nigeria has also been able to attract significant foreign Investment in recent years, which has helped to boost its economy. Despite this, Nigeria faces significant challenges, including Corruption and a high level of Poverty.

Though the majority of funding does in fact reach the sectors it is intended for, there are some cases where it does not. Billions of dollars from various foreign countries have been pumped into different sectors in Nigeria, but Nigeria as a whole remains broken. The hope is that with this Investment, Nigeria can become a more stable and prosperous country. However, much of the money has been wasted, and the majority of the population still lives in Poverty. Unless there is a serious change in the way things are done in Nigeria, the country will continue to struggle.

Reactive aid is difficult to execute effectively.

Reactive aid is an important part of foreign aid, but it is also one of the most difficult to execute effectively. Reactive aid is aid that is given in response to a crisis or emergency. It is often given in the form of humanitarian assistance, which is aid that is given to help people who are affected by a crisis. Reactive aid is important because it can help people who are in need of urgent assistance. It can also help to stabilize a situation that is in danger of becoming worse. However, reactive aid is also difficult to execute effectively because it can be difficult to determine what is needed and to get help to where it is needed.

Lets pretend you are an investor, and there is a company launching a product or service that you believe will be a rewarding Investment. The potential for profit seems high and you believe this product or service will flourish on the markets. As a responsible investor you decide to do some research on the company you would be investing in. The search results determine that the company is mismanaged, struggling to survive, under funded, reactionary and the employees running each department are for the most part under qualified. Would you invest your savings into this company?

It is every citizens responsibility to do their part.

There is a growing consensus that problems in society need to be addressed and permanently fixed from the top down. This is a necessary step to creating a more just and equitable society. Many problems, such as Poverty and inequality, cannot be solved without the active participation of government. However, government cannot act alone. The Private Sector also has a role to play in solving these problems. A healthy and effective Private Sector is essential to creating a prosperous society. It is also every citizens responsibility to do their part and make sacrifices for the greater good, and not only if these sacrifices will be rewarded.

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