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Quiet!!, new ban on noise pollution in public

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Living together isn't easy, but in public we must respect each others space and reduce noise.

The Lagos State government has placed a ban on the use of sound amplifiers, microphones, and other sound systems at motor garages and parks in order to promote a healthy and noiseless environment. This is a measure that has been put into place to ensure that the citizens of Lagos are able to live in a peaceful and quiet community. The use of these sound systems can often be disruptive and noisy, and can cause a great deal of disturbance to those who are trying to enjoy a peaceful day or evening. By placing a ban on their use, the government is hoping to create a more harmonious atmosphere for everyone who lives in Lagos.

This directive comes after a series of complaints from the public about the health hazards associated with the noise. The purpose of this directive is to ensure that all parks comply with the specified noise level, in order to protect the public from the health hazards associated with the noise. Any park that does not comply with the directive will be shut down, and the managers and transporters of the park will be dealt with under the law.

Agency will be enforcing the law against noise pollution

Noise Pollution has become a leading complaint to Public Health agencies. Sources of noise pollution come from many different places, and it can cause stress and health problems for many people. The stress from noise pollution can cause many different health problems, including heart problems and migraines. It is important to be aware of the dangers of noise pollution and take steps to reduce noise in your life.

The LASEPA spokesperson stated that the advocacy programmes have made the citizens more aware of their rights with regards to noise pollution, and that the agency will be enforcing the law against noise pollution starting Wednesday. The spokesperson noted that the Agency has been working closely with the advocacy groups in order to ensure that citizens are made aware of their rights, and that the Agency will be taking a more proactive approach in enforcing the law against noise pollution.

Noise pollution can negatively impact the environment

There is a limit to the amount of noise that is allowed during the day and night, as mandated by the new directive from Dr. Dolapo Fasawe. Unfortunately, so many Nigerians are suffering from hearing impairments due to noise pollution, but there are measures being taken to help reduce the amount of noise in our environment. The new directive from Fasawe is an attempt to improve the quality of life for all Nigerians, by reducing the amount of noise that is allowed in our environment. The directive establishes a limit to the amount of noise that is allowed, and those who disobey will be punished. This is an important step in improving the quality of life for all Nigerians, as hearing impairments from noise pollution are a major health issue.

Motorists in Nigeria need to be aware of the dangers of excessive noise pollution from their vehicles, as it can have a serious impact on their health. loud noises from horns and engines can cause hearing damage, and can also lead to other health problems such as stress and Hypertension. In addition, noise pollution can negatively impact the environment, leading to issues such as decreased wildlife populations and increased levels of air pollution. There are a number of ways that motorists can reduce noise pollution from their vehicles. One simple way is to use a less-loud horn, or to disable the horn altogether. Drivers can also reduce the noise from their engines by using the correct gear when driving, and by avoiding unnecessary acceleration and braking.

Those living in highly populated areas need to learn how to live together

As the population of the world continues to grow, the need for more land and resources also grows. This inevitably leads to an increase in noise levels, as people and machines compete for space. Those living in highly populated areas need to learn how to live together and respect each other’s needs in order to maintain a peaceful and livable environment.


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