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Quality control, key to health insurance

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By Timothy Akintola

Rivers State healthcare delivery now above the national average.

Public Health is one poignant element of National Security and as such, plays the role of monitoring, tracking down and preventing disease outbreaks, as well as ensuring the safety of citizens in the society. Year after year, Nigeria’s healthcare sector have continually suffered different outbreaks and inefficiencies as a result of the complacency of the government at facilitating the health sector with the necessary implements for improvement. In fact, statistics indicate that the healthcare facilities in the country are inefficient compared to Nigeria’s population.

Due to the cumbersome access to quality healthcare and the financial constraints of most citizens have well also affected the outlook of the healthcare system in Nigeria. Reports note that the Revenue spent on the health sector by the Nigerian Government was short of the average among every Sub-Saharan countries and this evidently shows the lack of Investment by the Nigerian Government. In the face of the Underdevelopment and lack of modern health facilities in Nigeria’s healthcare sector, Rivers State have taken significant steps to improving the healthcare system in the state.

Quality control needed to sustain the state’s health system.

One sector that have witnessed significant improvement in Rivers State is the Heath sector. As a result of infrastructural development and governmental investment, the healthcare system in the state has improved massively. Evidently, the Imo State Government have since shown huge interest in the improvement of their health services, as seen in their signing of the Health Protection Programme Bill into law in 2021. The Chairman of Nigeria Medical Association, Rivers State branch, Dr. Ebbi Robinson, whilst appraising the health care delivery in the state, pointed that quality control was an important factor for sustaining the system.

In an exclusive chat with The Tide, Dr. Robinson noted that though Rivers State’s healthcare was above the national average, there was a need to further improve and raise the bar. He indicated that the lack of motivation of the medical personnel was a major problem that was affecting the improvement of the sector. He then suggested the need for strengthening the human resources and welfarism to get efficient services from the doctors.

Shortage of staffs, one challenge for healthcare improvement in Rivers.

He also pointed that allowances, promotion and motivation must be granted to these caregivers when due, to better improve the chances of improvement. Robinson however complained about the shortage of medical personnel and urged the Rivers State Governor to see to the employment of more qualified medical personnel for efficiency in the state’s health services. He added that these grants would help in motivating these personnel and immensely boost their efficiency which will in turn, enhance the improvement of the state’s overall health system.

He praised the Wike administration for providing enough healthcare facilities to meet the population of the state but added that it was necessary for the administration to proficiently employ more manpower for the efficient functionality of these healthcare facilities and and delivery of health services to the people. On the issue of disease burden in the state, the NMA Rivers State Chairman noted that Malaria and high blood pressure were the top concerns in the state.

With healing, a gradual process. people must be patient with caregivers.

Dr. Robinson blamed these on the immense stress caused by the economic deficiency. He then urged the people to stop patronizing quacks and put their health first. He also stated that the people must learn to be patient with medical personnel, as healing was a gradual process. He noted that people were working harder than their normal configuration due to the bad economic state and this reality was remotely affecting g the health of most people.


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