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Port Authority set to automate the sector

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By Abiodun Okunloye

Easier way of conducting business across the country ports will be provided.

To promote a more convenient way of conducting business across several ports in the country, the Minister of Marine and Blue Economy, Adegboyega Oyetola, has revealed that the Nigerian Ports Authority will soon begin the deployment of full automation and cargo monitoring. Oyetola made the announcement recently in Abuja when he was hosting a well-known businessman and sustainability specialist named Professor Gunter Pauli, who is currently in Nigeria for a trip that would last for three days.

This was highlighted in a statement that was released on Friday by the Director of Press and Public Relations, Henshaw Ogubike, that Pauli’s visit was made possible by his business partners in Nigeria, Premium Blue Economy Innovation and Investment. The Minister added that the federal government is committed to expanding the base of the Nigerian economy beyond the oil sector. As a result, it was purposeful when it founded the new Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy in order to facilitate this goal.

Public Private Partnerships with relevant stakeholders will be formed.

Furthermore, the statement added that they will be discussing the automation of ports to increase productivity. He estimated that in two years, everything would be different. As preparations are being made for deployment, automation and cargo tracking are being introduced. The Minister added that the government is interested in forming Public Private Partnerships with relevant stakeholders to maximise and explore the potential of the ocean sector for rapid growth to enhance the standard of living of its people, create employment opportunities, and preserve the ecosystem’s health.

According to him, 70% of the resources that are available truly originate from the ocean, and the country has a plentiful supply of it here. He has confidence in the public-private partnership structure. Explaining further, he said the government will work to foster an environment that is conducive to the growth of businesses. Their approach to resolving these issues will be based solely on PPP, and he believes there will be a good number of opportunities available.

Nigeria waterways have seen increased security measures.

He also stated that there has not been a single incident of piracy on any of Nigerian waterways in the previous two years due to the increased security measures in place. Investors, he argued, should take advantage of the situation and work with the ministry’s new development division. The country has an ocean secure enough that no acts of piracy have been reported in its waters. Now, investors may rest assured that their money is secure.

Earlier on, during the course of his trip, Professor Pauli stated that the purpose of his team’s trip to Nigeria was to collaborate with the ministry on the development of commercial and technological advances as well as job opportunities in the sector. He said that his relationship with the ministry would bring in investments from both abroad and within the country, which would provide a significant increase in the number of chances available to Nigeria younger generation.

Seaport theft has been reduced to 15% due to port reform.

In a similar report by AskNigeria, it was also revealed that the number of theft that took place in the country’s seaports has reduced to 15 percent; this represents a significant decrease from the 55 percent that was previously documented. According to Dr. Samuel Babatunde, the Registrar of the Port and Terminal Management Academy of Nigeria, during his address at the commemoration of Dockworkers Day, he explained that the great milestone was possible owing to the port reforms that were implemented in 2006.

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