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Police confirm death of journalist

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By Abraham Adekunle

Reportedly shot dead on Christmas Eve, his demise sparks concern.

In a grim turn of events, Edo State police have officially confirmed the tragic killing of journalist Hillary Odia, who was shot dead on Christmas Eve by suspected cultists. The incident unfolded near a police station in the heart of Benin City, the bustling state capital. Odia, a dedicated staff member of Independent Television and Radio, Benin City, fell victim to the escalating wave of cult clashes and violence that has gripped the region. There is an alarming surge in cult-related incidents and killings within Benin City. Authorities in the state, including Chidi Nwabuzor, the police spokesperson, acknowledge the unsettling trend and have vowed to bring the situation under control.

Nwabuzor, a superintendent of police, conveyed the police’s commitment to tackling cultism in Edo State, emphasizing the sacrifices made by officers in the line of duty. Adding a layer of tragedy to the narrative, Nwabuzor revealed that a police officer participating in an anti-cult operation was also shot dead on the same day in the Ugbowo axis of Benin City. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangerous environment law enforcement officers navigate in their pursuit of curbing criminal activities. In a statement released on December 26, 2023, Nwabuzor detailed ongoing efforts to address the crisis. He noted a significant number of arrests made in various locations within the state, targeting members of different cult groups. These individuals, once processed, will soon face legal consequences as they are set to be charged in court.

Commissioner urges citizens to cooperate with authorities.

The Commissioner of Police in Edo State, Mr. Mohammed Dankwara, appealed to the citizens to remain calm and continue their Christmas celebrations despite the somber atmosphere. Dankwara reassured the public of the police force’s commitment to ensuring the safety of lives and property during the Yuletide season. However, he emphasized the need for citizens’ cooperation, urging them to provide crucial information to the police. In a plea for support, Dankwara highlighted the principles of modern and civilized policing, emphasizing the vital role of citizenship and community policing in addressing complex challenges like cult-related violence.

Of course, the tragic death of journalist Hillary Odia serves as a poignant example of the broader issue at hand — the escalating menace of cult clashes in Benin City. As the police intensify their efforts to quell the violence, the public is left grappling with a sense of insecurity and mourning the loss of a dedicated member of the media community. As Nigerians reflect on this unfortunate incident, it becomes imperative to delve deeper into the root causes of the surge in cult-related violence in Edo State.

Factors contributing to the spread of these cult groups.

Societal factors, economic challenges, and the influence of organized crime may contribute to the recruitment and sustenance of these cult groups. Exploring these facets is essential for implementing comprehensive strategies that address the issue at its core. Beyond the immediate call for justice for Hillary Odia and the fallen police officer, there is a pressing need for collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies, community leaders, and the general public. Cultism thrives in secrecy, and breaking this cycle requires a united front against criminal elements.

Citizens must feel empowered to share information without fear of retribution, fostering an environment where the police can effectively dismantle these nefarious networks. The media, as a powerful force in shaping public opinion, plays a crucial role in highlighting the urgency of addressing cult-related violence. Journalists, like Hillary Odia, put themselves on the front lines to bring attention to societal issues, and their sacrifice should not be in vain. The journalistic community, in collaboration with authorities, can amplify the call for justice and contribute to the broader discourse on tackling the roots of cultism.

Reminder of the dangers faced by reporters in unsafe regions.

It is very important to note that the killing of Hillary Odia is a stark reminder of the challenges faced by those on the front lines of reporting in regions affected by violence. As the community mourns the loss of a journalist and a police officer, it is incumbent upon all stakeholders — from law enforcement to citizens — to come together in a concerted effort to eradicate the scourge of cultism and restore a sense of security and peace to Benin City and beyond.

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2 months ago

Police confirm death of journalist.Reportedly shot dead on Christmas Eve, his demise sparks concern. – Express your point of view.

2 months ago

Authorities confirm the journalist’s death. His death, which was reportedly caused by gunfire on Christmas Eve, raises questions. Our law enforcement agencies are necessary to safeguard the residents’ lives. That is how this journalist’s life has been squandered.

Adeoye Adegoke
2 months ago

I’m so sorry to hear about the death of the journalist. It’s truly devastating and deeply concerning when journalists are targeted and lose their lives while carrying out their important work.
Journalists play a crucial role in our society by uncovering the truth, reporting on important issues, and holding those in power accountable. When they face violence or intimidation, it not only affects their families and loved ones but also threatens the freedom of the press and our collective right to information.
It is essential that authorities thoroughly investigate this tragic incident and bring those responsible to justice. The safety and protection of journalists should be a top priority to ensure that they can continue to fulfill their vital role in society without fear.
I hope that this incident raises awareness about the importance of press freedom and the need to create an environment where journalists can work safely and without fear of violence. My thoughts are with the journalist’s family and friends during this difficult time.

2 months ago

The deadly shooting death of journalist Hillary Odia on Christmas Eve by alleged cult members has been formally confirmed by Edo State police.An atmosphere where journalists can operate safely and fearlessly is required given the concerning rise in cult-related occurrences and killings in Benin Cityfreedom.

2 months ago

The situation with journalist Hillary Odia’s death in Benin City is deeply troubling, reflecting the alarming rise in cult-related violence. The police are actively addressing the issue, and it emphasizes the need for citizens to cooperate in ensuring community safety. The tragic incident highlights the risks faced by reporters in such environments, underscoring the importance of collective efforts to eradicate cultism and restore peace to our communities.