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Passport application automation in Nigeria

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By Mercy Kelani

Completion of the automated application system, stands at 99 percent finalized.

Beginning on January 8, 2024, the initiation of the automation procedure for passport applications in Nigeria will be set into motion. In a previous statement made in 2023, the minister of interior, Mr. Olubunmi Tunji-ojo, confidently proclaimed the nearing completion of the automated application system, asserting that it stood at a remarkable 99 percent (99%) finalized. The inclusion of procedures such as the submission of passport photographs and necessary supporting paperwork would also be part of it.

During an examination of the facilities of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), the minister made a disclosure of this recent piece of information. He was accompanied by the Comptroller General (CG) of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), Wura-Ola Adepoju. The Nigerian population can now avail themselves of the ease and comfort of utilizing an online platform for the initiation and finalization of their passport application process. By doing so, the necessity of face-to-face encounters is eradicated.

It has reached the stage where it is fully prepared for launch.

Back in December, 2023, the minister declared plans for the full automation of the passport application system in the country, Nigeria, emphasizing the active efforts of the Federal Government in realizing this goal. In the midst of the announcement, the minister confidently declared that the automated application system was nearing completion, with a staggering 99% completion. This advanced system would revolutionize various procedures as it would ensure facilitation of the seamless uploading of passport photos.

Through the advanced system, there would be accommodation of the submission of essential supporting documents in an efficient manner. It has reached the stage where it is fully prepared for launch. The training has commenced and by January 8, 2024, citizens of Nigeria will be able to experience the solution directly. This will bring them great satisfaction and a delightful experience, in alignment with the optimism conveyed by the Renewed Hope of the Nigerian President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Deployment of document verification officers in every region.

Consequently, passport acquisition now involves minimal interaction with humans, which is a significant achievement the ministry has successfully accomplished. He further emphasized the positive impact of this program as he stated that it would strengthen the nation’s security infrastructure through faster identification of counterfeit passport applications and the elimination of administrative obstacles. In his endeavour, he made an announcement about the deployment of document verification officers in every region of the local administration of the nation.

Their pivotal responsibility will involve examination of passport applications with great attention to detail, which will, in turn, guarantee a heightened level of security and dependability throughout the procedure of the application. Previously, the minister successfully resolved the extensive accumulation of more than 200,000 passports awaiting completion within the borders of the country. The Nigerian Government has also recently introduced a solution to the concerns expressed by citizens of the country residing overseas about the lengthy procedures for renewing and obtaining passports.

This initiative is scheduled for launch in February 2024.

To tackle this issue, the strategy of the government involves the establishment of passport front offices in major cities throughout the United Kingdom (UK). In a bid to enhance efficiency and hasten the renewal and collection of passports, this ambitious initiative is scheduled for launch in February 2024. This revolutionary project aims to simplify and expedite these procedures specifically for the Nigerian diaspora residing in prominent urban centers like Manchester, Birmingham, and Cardiff in Wales.

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1 month ago

Passport application automation in Nigeria.Completion of the automated application system, stands at 99 percent finalized. – Express your point of view.

1 month ago

Exciting news for Nigerians as the automated passport application system nears completion, set for launch on January 8, 2024. This online system eliminates face-to-face interactions, ensuring a seamless process. Minister Tunji-ojo highlights increased security, deployment of verification officers, and resolving passport backlogs. For citizens abroad, passport front offices in major UK cities launch in February 2024 for quicker renewals. Great strides towards efficiency and convenience.

Adeoye Adegoke
1 month ago

The completion of the automated passport application system in Nigeria, with 99 percent finalization, is a significant step forward. Automating the application process can bring numerous benefits, such as increased efficiency, reduced processing times, and improved accuracy. It can also help streamline the overall passport issuance system, making it more convenient for applicants. This advancement shows the commitment of the Nigerian government to modernize and enhance public services. It’s exciting to see technology being utilized to simplify and improve the passport application experience for citizens.

1 month ago

Nigerians should rejoice since an automated system for applying for passports is almost set to go live on January 8, 2024. This online method streamlines the procedure by minimizing in-person interactions. This development demonstrates the Nigerian government’s dedication to new way

1 month ago

Nigerian automation of passport applications. 99 percent of the automated application system has been completed and finalized.Nigeria has made significant progress with the automated passport application system’s 99 percent completion rate. It will improve everyone’s convenience and efficiency in the application process. It is usually a good idea to embrace technology in order to simplify administrative work.