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Over 4 million jobs available in tech field

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By Usman Oladimeji

Workforce future depends on high investment in tech education.

Recognizing the immense potential of digital innovation, experts in the industry posit that enhancing citizens’ digital skills is essential to increasing the country’s GDP. They argued that leveraging digital connectivity, providing high-quality tech education, and cultivating a collaborative culture will result in increased employment prospects for people both on the local and global scene. At the opening of a technology incubator in Abuja, experts assert that there are over four million job opportunities available for citizens with special tech skills.

Babatunde Olaifa, GoMyCode Country Director expressed that the firm is impressed with the Nigerian government’s forward-thinking plan to address youth unemployment by enhancing its citizens’ tech abilities. In GoMyCode viewpoints, the future of the workforce depends on a high investment in technology education. As a result, it expanded its network of schools to include five in total, with four located in Lagos and one in Abuja. The firm is dedicated to equipping people with the necessary digital skills, thereby, propelling Africa’s transformation to a digital economy.

GoMyCode has empowered 20,000 students across countries.

According to him, in nine countries (Tunisia, Nigeria, Morocco, Senegal, Algeria, Kenya, Jordan, Côte d’Ivoire, and Egypt), GoMyCode has already empowered 20,000 students from a wide range of academic disciplines by providing them the resources needed to succeed in today’s digital landscape. Olaifa explained that the firm’s innovative purpose is to democratize education by providing individuals with the technological competence necessary to succeed in the present digital age. In addition, GoMyCode has established an impressive broad network of Hackerspaces, with locations in Yaba, Ikeja, Festac, and Lekki in Lagos, and most recently in Abuja.

The expansion into Abuja is also an effort to address the increasing issue of unemployment on a local and global scale through increased access to the internet and the empowerment of individuals, especially women and children. According to Olaifa, GoMyCode programme has a lot of potential to improve Nigeria economy and job sector owing to its novel approach. This innovative move comes at a perfect moment when the Nigerian government is embarking on an ambitious strategy to create jobs for over one million youth in the country.

People with digital skills are able to secure fast employment.

Through digital connectivity, GoMyCode hopes to contribute a significant role in the government’s agenda by training young people to become skilled experts and vital resources to society. Mr. Inyene Ibanga, the Lead, Corporate and Communications Officer of the Office for National Digital Innovation (ONDI), who spoke on behalf of the Director General of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), Mr. Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi, said that training and empowering the youth of Nigeria would help them realize their potential, which at the same time would boost economic growth and encourage a culture of innovation.

He praised the team’s commitment to creating a physical location where people from diverse backgrounds can come together to learn and grow, describing Hackerspaces critical in contributing to the development of the Nigerian economy. Over the years, technology has permeated every sector of the economy, making it more probable that people with digital skills are able to secure fast employment over those without. GoMyCode is focused on closing the digital skill gap by giving access to the training and expertise required to excel in the modern digital era.

Everyone has the challenges of acquiring tech skills.

Also, Hackerspace provides a social hub for emerging tech expertise, entrepreneurs, and freelancers by providing a space that encourages teamwork, creativity, and networking. This hub sensation drives collaboration across industries and results in the creation of new employment prospects. According to Olaifa, technological advancements have birthed several opportunities and employment across various sectors. Everyone has the challenges of acquiring tech skills and abilities to take advantage of the opportunities presented by technological advancement, he added.

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