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Osun State consolidates taxes into one bill

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By Mercy Kelani

It aims to facilitate a more favourable business environment.

Ademola Adeleke, the governor of Osun State, has emphasized the government’s efforts to simplify the tax system by consolidating various taxes into one comprehensive bill. This strategic move aims to enhance the overall convenience and facilitate a more favourable business environment. In a formal statement released by Adeleke on X, it was proclaimed that the implementation of this initiative would greatly streamline and facilitate financial transactions for commercial entities operating within the confines of Osun state.

On January 4, 2024, the information concerning the single bill was reaffirmed and made public by Olawale Rasheed, the representative of the governor, Ademola Adeleke, via a formal declaration. According to Olawale Rasheed, one of the significant steps taken by the government of the state involves the establishment of an online payment platform. Furthermore, an array of automated systems have been put in place to ensure improvement of the efficiency of provision of services.

This harmonization encompasses all sectors of the state’s economy.

Governor Ademola Adeleke made a declaration that the ongoing commitment of his administration towards the enhancement of the economy of Osun State and promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) has yielded positive results. The state government has successfully managed to consolidate various taxes and fees, which were previously fragmented and collected by numerous government entities, into one comprehensive bill. This harmonization encompasses all sectors of the state’s economy, which comprises both formal and informal businesses.

The Harmonized Bill is a comprehensive compilation of all the yearly expenses that businesses are required to contribute, consolidated into one convenient bill. The primary goal of this endeavour is to foster facilitation and encouragement of smooth and hassle-free business operations by guaranteeing effortless and convenient settlement of financial obligations owed by individuals and enterprises throughout the region. These payments can be made in either equal or unequal installments, as it depends on the specific circumstances.

Implementation of an Automation System has been successfully carried out.

Additionally, this initiative aims to provide individuals and businesses with a Harmonized Bill Certificate once the entire sum owed has been paid in full, thus ensuring a seamless payment process. During his address, Adeleke provided both formal and informal business owners with a crucial piece of information: the state’s designated online payment platform can be found below in the related links. According to his statement, POS machines can be found at tax stations throughout the entire state, as well as at various commercial banks across Nigeria.

More so, Money Transfer Services are available for individuals residing outside of the country. Moreover, he mentioned that the implementation of an Automation System has been successfully carried out by his administration. This system aims to enhance the efficiency of providing services related to the payment of rent and lease for government properties. The package also encompasses the completion of Certificates of Occupancy (C of O) within a period of 45 days, an innovative Electronic Affidavit System, a state-of-the-art portal for accessing Electronic State of Origin and Local Government Area of Origin information.

Individuals should keep records of their payment evidence.

Furthermore, it includes portable tax stations that can be transported, and lastly, an efficient Online Tax payment system. In order to foster transparency and facilitate efficient tax administration, it is crucial for individuals to diligently keep records of their payment evidence. This evidence comes in the form of Government Automated Revenue Receipts (A.R.R) for all transactions made. Additionally, should anyone have any concerns or questions, they are encouraged to visit their nearest Tax Offices, where the staff will be readily available to address any complaints or inquiries.

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1 month ago

Osun State consolidates taxes into one bill.It aims to facilitate a more favourable business environment.  – Express your point of view.

1 month ago

A single tax bill is combined by Osun State. The objective is to enable a corporate environment that is more advantageous.It is in Osun state’s best interest to combine taxes into a single bill. Because there won’t be as many taxes to hamper companies, the state will be able to enjoy more prosperity.

1 month ago

Osun State’s business climate will undoubtedly improve if taxes are combined into a single bill. It’s a move in the right direction to make Osun State more business-friendly.

Adeoye Adegoke
1 month ago

That’s great news! Consolidating taxes into one bill in Osun State is a positive step towards creating a more favorable business environment. Simplifying the tax system can reduce administrative burdens for businesses and make it easier for them to comply with tax regulations. This can encourage investment, stimulate economic growth, and attract more businesses to the state. By streamlining the tax process, Osun State is sending a clear message that it values the contributions of businesses and wants to support their success. It’s exciting to see proactive measures being taken to foster a thriving business community. Cheers to a more business-friendly Osun State! 🎉💼

1 month ago

The consolidation of taxes into one bill in Osun State is a positive development. It simplifies the tax system, making it more business-friendly. This initiative, along with online payment options and automation, shows a commitment to enhancing the state’s economy. It’s encouraging to see proactive measures that support businesses and contribute to overall growth.