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Oluwafemi Adenuga, BP presidential candidate

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By Abiodun Okunloye

An international entrepreneur that aims to bring oneness in Nigeria - Adenuga.

Sunday Oluwafemi Adenuga, also known as “Sonny,” is a successful businessman, leader, and expert in risk and control who hails from Ogun State in South West Nigeria. He has multiple professional and academic qualifications, including but not limited to degrees and diplomas in mathematics, statistics, and project management. And he’s worked as a consultant for a wide range of businesses across Nigeria, Africa, and Europe. The 48-year-old Adenuga has worked widely for his job, visiting or working in several states of the Federation Territory while overseeing projects for The World Bank and the African Development Bank.

Sonny successfully spearheaded the adoption of new technologies to bring about necessary social fairness. The BOOT Party’s members and leaders have unanimously endorsed him as the ideal candidate to lead Nigeria into the future because of his track record of managing an anti-bribery political party that nonetheless gets things done with knowledge, patience, dedication, and respect for all. His objective in seeking the presidency is to improve Nigerians as well as Nigeria as a whole. Sunday Adenuga has spent the last few years working to establish a leadership structure that will bring out the best in Nigerians. He serves as the national head of the BOOT (Because Of Our Tomorrow) party, which was officially recognized by the Independent National Electoral Commission in the year 2019.

He banks on his political aspirations and wealth of experiences.

With the help of his political aspirations, he secured a spot on the Boot Party (BP) presidential ticket for the general election of 2023. Usman Mustapher Turaki, chairman of the party’s primaries committee and the party’s electoral umpire, announced the results on June 7, 2023, in Abuja, the nation’s capital. He stated that the process was a first of its kind in Nigeria. The people, he argued, should be able to vote from anywhere in the country and not have to rely on a single person to make that decision for them. After a close election, Sunday Adenuga won 292 votes to Evelyn Ohevire’s 18, making him the party’s presidential candidate and flag bearer alongside his running mate Mustapha Usman Turaki.

Speaking about how he would run Nigeria if elected president without any prior experience in the role, Adenuga said that he had been asked the same question frequently but added that there is nothing a Nigerian president can accomplish that a Nigerian in their daily lives cannot. A bridge can be built if the necessary funds are available. He also noted that some nations are headed by people with no prior experience in political office. But one should not discard Private Sector experience. His leadership abilities are transferable, especially given his experience with thriving businesses in Africa and Europe.

One Nigeria is a key to national development and progress.

There is potential for change in the world because of technological advancements. In an interview, he stated his intention to seek a “one Nigeria” that works if he is elected president. Adenuga claimed that the slogan “one Nigeria” wasn’t enough and that he entered the presidential race to create “one working Nigeria.” He believed that no one would campaign for Nigeria’s dissolution if things were going smoothly there. There will be no ethnic disparity. Nigerians will identify strongly with their nationality. But what we actually have today is a mirage that calls itself one Nigeria without actually making any effort to do so. They need to come up with ideas that would benefit all Nigerians and future generations.

Furthermore, he explained that Dredging the River Niger and Benue would allow for the Construction of tourist Infrastructure along the shores and the operation of Trade and tourism vessels. Important, too, are the young people. In Nigeria, young people make up more than half of the population. To him, the bare minimum of a Nigerian leader is patience with the youth, especially given that years of misrule have made Nigeria into a country that few care to live in. He also said that everyone wants a better country and that the future of the country’s Technology lies in the hands of its young people. If elected president, he plans to establish a technological hub that will harness the enthusiasm and fortitude of the country’s youth in order to increase the country’s treasury. Within the first four years of a government, it is feasible.

Adenuga offered himself to spearhead the party’s core mission.

The concept of the BOOT (Because of Our Tomorrow) Party was conceived, and actions were taken to register the party with INEC. This was done since it was the only proven way to pave the way for the change that they sought. By extension, Sonny and the BOOT Party are aware that political power is the only means by which a peaceful revolution can be brought about. Thus, Sonny is putting himself forward as the Presidential Candidate of the BOOT Party in order to spearhead this transformation. The fundamental tenets upon which the BOOT Party was established were an unwavering “No to Corruption and Violence; Integrity and Patience.”


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