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Ogene predicts more hardship under Tinubu

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By Abraham Adekunle

Ohaneze’s national VP says the election process undone until court ruling.

As the administration of Bola Tinubu ensues, the national vice president of Ohaneze Ndigbo has said that Nigerians should expect more suffering and hardship under the new administration. The organization had no representative at the inauguration of President Tinubu. Talking to newsmen, Chief Damian Okeke-Ogene said that it was not only Ohaneze that was absent as the majority of the cultural organizations in Nigeria were absent. He named the Afenifere, the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), Pan Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF) as other cultural organizations that did not attend the event.

Furthermore, Chief Ogene said that Ohaneze, as a cultural organization, believes that the concluded election is still in process, and there are processes of doing so. These include voting, counting and declaration of results, and finally the court rulings. He said the organization will not identify with any particular party as of the moment because there is no opposition until the court takes a final decision. He said that the majority of Nigerians still believe that the election is not yet over until the Supreme Court of the country gives the final ruling.

Will Tinubu really continue from where Buhari stopped?

Speaking on the first announcement made by the new president, he said that it was an unfortunate incident that Tinubu took the decision without consultation. “He hasn’t even removed the fuel subsidy and a liter of fuel is being sold at N1,000 in Asaba Delta State and between N700 and N800 in Anambra State and not up to 24 hours of handing over of power,” he said. However, commenting on the “surprise packet” as regards the much-awaited subsidy removal, Chief Ogene said that it would not be a surprise because Nigerians expect nothing less from the new president.

He quoted Tinubu as saying that he would start from where Buhari stopped. He stated that Buhari’s administration was marred by collapsed security, kidnapping, fuel scarcity, collapsed education system (due to the ASUU strikes), hunger and employment, among other issues. He wondered if that was where Tinubu purportedly wanted to continue from. He claimed that this was why Nigerians believe that Buhari’s tenure has set the country at least five years backwards. Among other things, he said that Nigerians voted against the All Progressive Congress (APC) because of these issues, and that they are the reasons for youth revolution, civil society organizations protests, and court actions.

Everybody will be affected by the new admin, claims Ohaneze VP.

According to him, Tinubu made no promise to Nigerians during his inauguration. However, during Buhari’s campaign, it was Tinubu who promised less hardship, courtesy of the APC government. Thus, the recent sudden rise in fuel price is more like a “heart attack” to the people. He also stated that no one would be safe this time round, including the so-called rich and the industrial sector will have no place of safety, either. Because of this, he has asked Nigerians to be more prepared for what is to come.

The vice president of Ohaneze said that he is yet to witness any positive policy that has intent to change anything as it were in Nigeria today. As such, there is no hope for a New Nigeria. He said that is why the majority of Nigerians, stakeholders, women, youths and even children shunned the inauguration. He said that few Nigerian leaders attended and others are waiting for the court process to be fulfilled. “The situation calls for prayers because it is only God that can intervene under this situation,” he said.

International endorsement does not negate Nigerians’ pain, he says.

Chief Ogene rounded off his interview with the media stating that Nigeria is drifting into anarchy and lawlessness. He asked Nigerians to rise and fight for their liberation because only they can liberate themselves. When asked if he noticed that the new administration has the endorsement of the international community, Chief Ogene said that it does not cancel the issues that he has highlighted. He said that only Nigerians know where things have gone wrong in the country.

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