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NVMA decry exclusion from health regulators

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By Mercy Kelani

This decision poses a huge risk to the public health of over 200M Nigerians.

The Federal Government’s decision to exclude the Nigerian Veterinarian Medical Association (NVMA) from the national health regulators has drawn disapproval from the NVMA itself. This exclusion is deemed as unwise and is anticipated to have widespread and harmful consequences. Moreover, it is argued that this decision poses a significant risk to the public health of more than 200 million Nigerians. Animal-origin diseases, known as zoonoses, have gained worldwide attention as they become increasingly evident that they contribute to 75% of emerging and re-emerging human illnesses.

Shared by the NVMA, this revelation emphasizes the significance of addressing zoonotic diseases on a global scale. In the realm of Public health, the Council emphasized that the integration and appropriate positioning of veterinarians is now an indispensable and essential component for a truly holistic and extensive approach to preventive medicine. In direct contradiction with the veterinary communities dedicated fight against the unethical use of counterfeit drugs in animals, regardless of withdrawal time, a declaration issued by Dr. Moses Arokoyo, President of NVMA, has expressed deep concern over the potential undermining of these noble efforts.

There will be a rise in the intake of meat containing drug residues.

Furthermore, the statement mentioned that as a result of this decision, there will be a rise in the consumption of meat containing drug residues among people. This increase will subsequently lead to a higher number of cancer cases, as well as an alarming growth in antimicrobial resistance. Ultimately, these factors will contribute to an increase in mortality rates. By the year 2050, it is predicted that antimicrobial resistance (AMR) could result in a staggering loss of more than 10 million lives on an annual basis.

Is it possible to prevent and manage these issues, along with the reoccurrence of diseases transmitted from animals to humans, without any assistance from the Government? To ensure the wellbeing and survival of Nigerians, a collaborative effort between healthcare providers and Veterinary professionals is a more reliable strategy. In today’s interconnected world, the concept of a global village is widely recognized. Public Health, on a global scale, is addressed through the One-Health approach. Nigeria, as an active participant in the global community, cannot disregard the importance of adopting the One-Health approach.

It will have a detrimental impact on the animal health industry.

Also, it was added that the memory of the most recent Anthrax outbreak should not quickly fade away from the populations’ minds, for it was the swift identification and immediate action taken by Veterinarians certified by the Veterinary Council that played a significant role in minimizing the transmission of this perilous disease that can be transferred between animals and humans. According to the statement, the COVID-19 outbreak had a negative impact on the entire livestock industry, leaving a lasting negative impression. Currently, the poultry industry is still struggling to bounce back from the combined effects of the pandemic, alongside other challenges such as the expensive cost of raw materials and the presence of Avian Influenza.

Worthy of note is that this industry plays a vital role in the economy by providing direct employment to around 5 million Nigerians and indirectly supporting 25 million individuals. The NVMA issues a cautionary statement, expressing concerns that if the Federal Government permits a lack of regulation in the veterinary field, it will have a detrimental impact on the animal health industry. This is particularly troubling given the current need to fortify the sector in order to guarantee sufficient food security.

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Additionally, the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association expresses its firm belief in the Renewed Hope Agenda of Mr President. However, there is apprehension that this endeavour might not align with it and the principles of One-Health. In order to protect public health, the Veterinary Council of Nigeria should be considered for funding and included as one of the national health regulators. This strong advocacy stems from the Council’s commitment to upholding the spirit of the Renewed Hope Agenda.

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1 month ago

NVMA decry exclusion from health regulators.This decision poses a huge risk to the public health of over 200M Nigerians.Express your point of view.

Adeoye Adegoke
1 month ago

It’s really concerning to hear that NVMA is being excluded from health regulators. This decision could have serious implications for the public health of over 200 million Nigerians. It’s crucial to have a comprehensive and inclusive approach to health regulation to ensure the safety and well-being of the population. Collaboration and coordination among all relevant stakeholders, including NVMA, is essential for effective healthcare delivery. It’s important that the voices of healthcare professionals are heard and their expertise is utilized to make informed decisions that prioritize the health and safety of the Nigerian people.

1 month ago

The NVMA protests being left out of health regulatory bodies. Over 200 million Nigerians’ public health is at grave risk as a result of this action. The public’s health will be greatly endangered by the exclusion from health regulators. The government must act immediately.

1 month ago

With regard to public health, it might be extremely detrimental to exclude the NVMA from health authorities’ jurisdiction. In order to protect the welfare of Nigerian citizens, it is critical that all parties involved collaborate. In order to emphasize the health and safety of all Nigerians, maybe a solution can be found to address this issue.To deliver healthcare effectively, cooperation and coordination between all pertinent parties—including the NVMA—are crucial.

1 month ago

The exclusion of NVMA from health regulators is concerning for public health. Veterinarians play a vital role in preventing diseases and ensuring food safety. Collaboration is crucial for effective healthcare. The decision may impact the animal health industry and food security negatively. Advocacy for the inclusion of NVMA in national health regulators is vital for a holistic approach to public health.