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NUT requests teachers’ professional salary

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By Mercy Kelani

They have urged for immediate action and execution of this matter.

The Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) has voiced its apprehension regarding the prolonged wait for the inclusion of the teachers’ professional salary structure in the national budget. The union urged for immediate action and execution of this matter. During the 6th Annual Solemn Assembly held in Abuja, the National President of NUT, Comrade Audu Amba, voiced his thoughts on the long-delayed implementation of the salary structure, stating that it was supposed to be put in place by 2023.

Reports has also brought to notice that on October 5, 2020, a significant event took place to celebrate World Teachers Day. Former President Muhammadu Buhari took an unprecedented step by granting teachers in the nation a unique and improved salary scale. The previous administration led by Muhammadu Buhari, in an effort to improve the teaching profession, made significant adjustments to the years of service and retirement age for school teachers, during his regime in office.

Approvals of the former President had not been put into action.

Notably, he extended the period of service from 35 to 40 years, while enhancing retirement age from 60 to 65. These transformations aim to address the evolving needs of educators and ensure a more sustainable and rewarding career path for them. An announcement was also made regarding the introduction of a Special Salary Scale exclusively designed for Teachers working in Basic and Secondary Schools. This new scale encompasses various additional benefits such as rural posting allowance, science teachers allowance, and peculiar allowance.

There are various commitments that are made, such as the construction of affordable dwellings for educators in remote areas, provision of sponsorship for at least one annual refresher training to ensure the adoption of optimal methods for enhancement of teaching and learning. Despite this, Amba had expressed his disappointment regarding the fact that the approvals of the former President had not been put into action, specifically in regard to the professional salary structure for teachers.

A sombre commemoration was orchestrated by the union.

Consequently, he stressed the importance of the current government taking action to guarantee the execution of policies that would significantly impact the advancement of the country’s educational sphere. Amba clarified that the NUT had orchestrated a sombre commemoration wherein the aim was to surrender the Union’s endeavours entirely to the divine creator. For the sacred act of prayer, it was deemed essential to extend a heartfelt invitation to Imams and Pastors who possess esteemed standing within the esteemed religions, Islam and Christianity.

These distinguished leaders will continue their customary role of guiding them, as they come together in reverence and seek solace in the divine presence of God. Pledging the dedication of the leaders, members, and educators, along with their comprehensive aid programs, to the supreme authority of divinity. This commitment aims to ensure holistic triumph for the enhancement of Nigerian teachers and the advancement of the nation as a whole. His statement expressed a sincere desire to dedicate his efforts towards elevating the Union to new and remarkable levels.

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Importantly, he acknowledged the significant accomplishments of his immediate predecessor, which he intends to build upon for future progress. Imam Muhammad Bin Uthman and Rev. Fr Nduka Uzor ensured to emphasize the importance of honesty and dedication in the performance of their responsibilities, directing their message specifically towards Nigerians, particularly those in the teaching profession. Nigerians were collectively encouraged by both individuals to embrace harmonious coexistence, value the sanctity of life, practice patience, and cultivate humility.

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