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NPHCDA cite ways to boost healthcare delivery

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By Abdulwasiu Usman

Main aim is to tackle the urgent requirement for top-notch primary healthcare.

In an effort to improve the accessibility and quality of healthcare service in the country, the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) recently announced its intentions to revitalize primary health facilities by 2024. Dr. Muyi Aina, the Executive Director of NPHCDA, shared this exciting news during a strategic gathering of the agency held in Abuja over the weekend. He once again emphasized the dedication to achieving transformative objectives that focus on enhancing facilities and healthcare service provision for every citizen of Nigeria, especially in rural and underserved regions.

Aina mentioned that the main goal of this initiative is to tackle the urgent requirement for top-notch primary healthcare and ensure fair and equal access to crucial medical services across the entire country. He further mentioned that, with the guidance of President Bola Tinubu and the Coordinating Minister for Health and Social Welfare, the agency has established four fundamental principles to steer its operations. The first foundation revolves around the management of the healthcare sector, encompassing the enhancement of healthcare organizations to effectively comply with the National Health Act.

Plans have been formulated to examine the objectives.

The secondary foundation strives to guarantee equal and superior availability of healthcare services to every Nigerian individual. While the third foundation involves the enhancement of healthcare services and supply management, the fourth pillar emphasizes the assurance of health security. The NPHCDA has taken significant steps by conducting thorough evaluations and involving various stakeholders to ascertain the path it should embark upon. He explained that the agency had formulated a plan to examine the objectives in line with the plan.

He further explained that a key element of this strategy involved allocating resources towards the establishment of effective primary health centers. At present, a significant number of 8,300 centers are being financially supported through the Basic Healthcare Provision Fund. According to his words, the intention of the agency is to enhance its facility count to guarantee the availability of crucial manpower, resources, and infrastructure. Additionally, the plan concentrates on generating, supplying, and retaining frontline medical personnel.

Various measures will be implemented to ensure transparency.

Collaboratively, the government will cooperate with NPHCDA, states, and the Federal Ministry of Health to enhance the productivity, retention, and contentment of healthcare workers. The NPHCDA’s plan encompasses modifications to how the BHPF is allocated, aiming to promote excellence and provide health facilities with greater freedom in fund utilization. In addition, the agency is set to join forces with the Nigeria Center for Disease Control and Prevention (NCDC) to bolster health safety measures and effectively tackle outbreaks and emergencies.

Moreover, the NPHCDA intends to effectuate these strategies by enacting reforms that will enhance its organization and collaboration with states and partners, according to Aina. He explained that to ensure transparency and accountability, various measures will be implemented, including regular updates to Nigerians regarding progress and establishing effective channels of communication for constructive feedback. According to him, the agency’s overarching goal is to guarantee adequate healthcare access for every Nigerian, aiming to decrease both mortality rates and disease while enhancing the general health conditions across the nation.

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Acting upon its mandate, the NPHCDA has been actively engaging in actions towards enhancing the provision of quality healthcare services to the people, working towards its objectives. These include aiding the National Health Policy in its efforts to promote the growth of Primary Health Care (PHC), providing guidance and aid in the strategic planning, management, and execution of PHC initiatives, and sourcing financial and non-financial resources from domestic and foreign sectors to propel the advancement of PHC.

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Ask Nigeria
30 days ago

NPHCDA cite ways to boost healthcare delivery.Main aim is to tackle the urgent requirement for top-notch primary healthcare. – Express your point of view.

30 days ago

The NPHCDA’s initiative to revitalize primary health facilities by 2024 is reassuring. The focus on improving accessibility and quality healthcare, especially in rural areas, is crucial. The four foundational principles align with the urgent need for top-notch primary healthcare. Allocating resources to establish effective health centers and collaborating with stakeholders demonstrate a commitment to enhancing healthcare services. Transparency measures and collaboration with the NCDC are commendable steps to address health challenges. The overarching goal of decreasing mortality rates and improving health conditions resonates positively with Nigerians.

Adeoye Adegoke
29 days ago

That’s great to hear that the NPHCDA is taking steps to boost healthcare delivery, especially in primary healthcare. It’s crucial to prioritize and invest in primary healthcare because it forms the foundation of a strong healthcare system. By focusing on providing top-notch primary healthcare services, we can ensure that people have access to essential healthcare services and preventive measures. This can lead to early detection and treatment of diseases, reducing the burden on secondary and tertiary healthcare facilities. It’s important for the government, healthcare providers, and communities to work together to make quality primary healthcare accessible to all. This can involve improving infrastructure, training healthcare professionals, and implementing effective healthcare policies. Ultimately, a strong primary healthcare system will contribute to better health outcomes for everyone.

29 days ago

Healthcare delivery may be improved, according to NPHCDA. addressing the pressing need for first-rate primary healthcare is the primary goal. Improving the delivery of healthcare is only possible if the required equipment is available. Our health care system will function if they are taken care of.

29 days ago

For the benefit of the community’s health, healthcare delivery must be improved, particularly in primary care. Ensuring that everyone receives the care they require requires giving priority to accessibility and quality.Ensuring universal access to high-quality primary healthcare requires collaboration among communities, healthcare professionals, and the government.