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NPC receive 100,000 devices for 2023 Census

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By Usman Oladimeji

The PDA device will prevent inaccurate counting and mismatch.

In preparation for the forthcoming 2023 Digital Census, the National Population Commission (NPC) has received about 100,000 digital devices specialized in conducting the census. NPC Chairman Alhaji. Nasir Isa Kwarra made a brief speech while receiving the PDAs, in which he underlined the importance of the devices as a central factor in ensuring the seamless execution of the digital census. He said the digital gadgets already have everything the data collectors need to perform their jobs, including the census questionnaire form and maps pointing the way to the designated districts.

The data collectors will be able to complete the project without compromising the regions assigned to them owing to the forms, maps, and other digital advances. Alhaji. Kwarra says the PDA device will prevent inaccurate counting mainly because it won’t allow for any room for error or mismatch. Additionally, he revealed that the Mobile Device Management integrated into the devices will allow the commission to keep tabs on the data collectors’ whereabouts and actions in the field, protecting the confidentiality of the information supplied by Nigerians.

NPC efforts are claimed to be in line with the president’s directive.

To further guarantee that every single Nigerian is accounted for regardless of where they happen to be or call home, the digital gadget would be equipped with the geospatial resources acquired by the NPC. The commission will collect information on home types and demographics to improve physical and social planning throughout the country. It’s planned to conduct a census of the homeless, during which their typical camping locations and other identifying information will be recorded and cross-referenced with geographical coordinates. Nomads, migrants, and travelers, among others, will be included in the census count by geo-referencing their current location during the census.

With the NPC’s tremendous geospatial data, coupled with the conduct of a digital census, would aid planning in all areas of national development. Alhaji. Kwarra lauded Zinox Technologies Ltd., the firm tasked with supplying the PDA devices, for the fast and remarkable efforts made to carry out the project. The commission’s efforts are claimed to be in line with President Muhammadu Buhari’s directive on local content and the National Information Technology Development Agency’s (NITDA) policy on local Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in PDA device procurement.

Gathering data with the next census will significantly improve.

Alhaji. Kwarra claims that the NPC’s capacity building to carry out the 2023 Population and Housing Census has been reaffirmed by the delivery of the devices. The commission is optimistic that data gathering for the subsequent censuses and surveys will significantly improve, given the breadth and quantity of PDAs to be used in the conduct of the 2023 Census. As a result, the NPC chairman assures Nigerians that the commission is always dedicated to providing the best, most accurate and reliable census data and also encourages Nigerians to cooperate with the NPC.

Moreover, he urged Nigerians to see the census data not as a means for gaining economic and political benefit but as a goldmine of data and a beacon in the endeavour to construct and prepare for a larger and more prosperous Nigeria. Mrs. Abimbola Salu-Hundeyin, a federal commissioner for the NPC who represents Lagos State, said that the commission’s need for reliable information is a driving force behind its embrace of technology. This digital census is officially recognized as the first of its kind in Nigeria.

Tech is needed to get accurate data from over 200m Nigerians.

Mrs. Salu-Hundeyin also emphasized the need to leverage technology in order to successfully complete the census of over 200 million Nigerians in five to seven days. Mr. Leo Stan Ekeh, Chairman of Zinox Group, also spoke, noting that the company’s credibility and excellent results so far were key factors in obtaining the PDA devices contract for the census. However, Mr. Ekeh emphasized that the company’s selection, among many others, is a significant honour. He concludes by stating that every effort is being made to attain the desired outcome.

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