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Northern govs urged for FG support on dev

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By Abdulwasiu Usman

Cooperation between the federal, state governments is important.

During his recent visit to President Bola Tinubu in Abuja, Inuwa Yahaya, the Chairman of the Northern Governors Forum, solicited for a more solid partnership between the federal and state governments in order to improve the lives of Nigerians. At the meeting, Yahaya who is also the governor of Gombe State praised the measures taken by the government to resolve the conflicts in Kaduna and Plateau states. The effective cooperation between the federal, state government, and even local administrations is of utmost importance to us. Without a seamless connection among these entities, our ability to fulfill our responsibilities towards the people may be compromised, he said.

He continued saying that numerous interactions took place among the Federal, state, and local government towards the end of 2023, to address crucial matters such as healthcare service enhancements and fostering a more favorable business atmosphere. However, if the economy does not improve, our current situation will persist, or even worsen. The governor highlighted the significance of agriculture in promoting human development and ensuring food security, emphasizing the imperative for farmers to adopt modern methods to enhance their productivity levels.

Gombe approved to join the Special Agricultural Processing Zones.

Yahaya noted that it is crucial for individuals to grasp the necessity of embracing modernization in light of the present circumstances. The integration of machinery and the establishment of efficient processing methods have become imperative. Fortunately, Gombe has been granted the privilege of joining the Special Agricultural Processing Zones, he stated. He claims that the state has established a designated area for industrial purposes where all the raw materials or agricultural products grown within the state can be effectively processed.

The governor recognized that Nigeria’s desired destination could be effortlessly attained if all states united and synergized with the Federal government. Speaking on the security obstacles faced by various regions in the country, Yahaya expressed appreciation towards the President for authorizing Vice President Kashim Shettima’s visit to Kaduna and Plateau states, aimed to gather accurate information regarding the attacks that occurred in Tudun Biri, Kaduna State, as well as in Bokkos and Barikin Ladi Local Councils of Plateau State.

Niger currently leads in the president’s food security initiative.

As the head of the Northern Governors’ Forum, Yahaya commended the President’s proactive approach in investigating the unprecedented events which unfolded in these two regions. He also thanked him for the assurance given on taking appropriate action to prevent such events from happening again. Additionally, he also commended the President for the assistance provided to the affected individuals. According to him, Gombe had the potential to uphold its reputation as the shining gem of the Savannah.

In a similar occurrence, Governor of Niger State, Mohammed Umar Bago, following his meeting with the President, conveyed that despite the prevailing security circumstances in his state, the farmers exhibited a readiness to resume their agricultural activities for the upcoming dry season. Bago stated that Niger currently leads in the president’s food security initiative, emphasizing the remarkable progress made. He revealed their upcoming endeavors, including a massive dry season farming project spanning 250,000 hectares. Notably, the state has already established agreements with various companies to secure off-take arrangements for the produce.

Gov’t plans to cultivate 500,000 hectares in 2024.

Speaking on the federal and state government collaboration progress, Bago said President Tinubu, in his New Year’s speech, highlighted the importance of agriculture and the government’s plans to cultivate a vast expanse of 500,000 hectares in 2024. Bago said Niger would serve as a pilot state for this ambitious project, as its enthusiastically striving to match the Federal Government’s commitment by also developing an impressive 500,000 hectares. Bago noted that the president exudes immense joy and satisfaction in response to the progress of his agricultural project.

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1 month ago

Northern govs urged for FG support on dev. – Cooperation between the federal, state governments is important. – Express your point of view.

1 month ago

Northern governments requested FG’s backing for development. It is crucial for the federal and state governments to collaborate. Collaboration between the Northern and Southern governments is vital for the administration. With the difficulties in the North that are not going away anytime soon, they must all collaborate.

1 month ago

That the governors of the North are pressing the federal government to assist them with their development projects is fantastic. Government agencies can combine their resources and knowledge to tackle a range of issues and promote advancement when they collaborate.

1 month ago

The appeal from the Chairman of the Northern Governors Forum emphasizes the interconnectedness of federal and state governments in addressing critical issues facing Nigeria. The call for collaboration echoes a broader need for unity to navigate challenges like economic development, agriculture, and security. The proactive measures taken by states like Gombe and Niger in joining initiatives such as the Special Agricultural Processing Zones reflect a collective effort toward sustainable progress. This underscores the potential impact of cohesive governance in fostering positive change and addressing the multifaceted issues affecting the nation.

Adeoye Adegoke
1 month ago

Cooperation between the federal and state governments is vital for the overall development of any region. It’s great to see the Northern governors urging for support from the federal government. When different levels of government work together, they can pool resources, expertise, and efforts to address the specific needs and challenges of their respective regions. This collaboration can lead to more effective policies, infrastructure development, and improved services for the people. It’s encouraging to witness such calls for cooperation, as it reflects a shared commitment to progress and the well-being of the citizens. Let’s hope that this synergy continues to drive positive change in the Northern region and beyond! 🤝🌟