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Nigeria’s democracy too military in structure

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By Timothy Akintola

Chief Bode George called for an overhaul of governance structure in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s democracy, since adoption, has experienced a series of fluctuations. There has been a recurring struggle to establish national unity amongst the over 200 ethnic groups in the country. The fragile structure of Nigeria’s democracy has caused the country to regress both socially and politically. At every governmental level, there has been challenges barricading Nigeria’s democratic strength. Conflicts triggered by political orientations, resource allocation and ethnic beliefs. The institutions saddled with upholding the basic tenets of democracy in the country have also been corrupted, thereby posing a huge threat to the country’s democracy.

Chief Bode George, a former National Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), whilst being interviewed on the state of Nigeria’s democracy, noted that the total overhaul of the governance structure was necessary, as it has not been in the interest of most citizens. He stated that the structure of the constitution was so militarily constructed. He criticized the control of all resources from Abuja, clamoring that every state should be able to control their own resources. According to him, the government has failed so much in positively impacting the lives of the citizens.

PDP Chairman urges for the devolution of power to all states.

Due to the concentration of power and resources in Abuja, Chief George noted that there was an urgent need to devolve power to all the states. He also urged for the enactment of the state police to further ensure the protection of lives and properties. Making reference to the 2014 constitutional conference, he indicated that it was overtly useless and disconcerting to have to convey to Abuja every thirty days. He indicated that whilst there was no need to re-invent the constitution and Nigeria’s democracy, it was however pivotal to update and execute it.

Assessing the country’s governance, the former PDP Chairman stated that the ravaging insecurity that has negatively impacted the social and economic development of the country was a governmental responsibility that must be fixed immediately. He noted that despite the country being filled with a pool of Human Resources, the government has been immensely inadequate in the creation of employment for numerous graduates. He noted that the government must herald tapping into the numerous resources that Nigeria is endowed with for the creation of more employment opportunities. He indicated that the supposed giant of Africa has declined so much, we don’t even get invitations for the G-20 International Conference anymore.

Blooming ethnic relationship jeopardized by mistrust & religion.

According to him, the system of government being operated in Nigeria is hugely defective, due to its militarized structure. Democracy, he indicated, must derive power from the people and as such, power must be devolved from the center (federal) to the states, as they are closer to the people. As well as the federal police, Chief Bode noted that there must be counter police forces across all states. On the issue of corruption, he stated that corruption has eaten too deep into the country’s fabrics and as such, even the smallest of institutions in the country reek of corruption. Most Nigerians, he indicated, has lost every sense of decency and he hoped the emerging president would work toward curbing this menace.

On the claim of Pastor E. Adeboye that he worried more about the dilapidating economy and insecurity than 2023 general election, the former PDP Chairman agreed and urged all Nigerians to pray and fast. He stated that Nigerians had been bedeviled, a catalyst for the recurring tribal conflicts that has plagued the nation. He recalled the once blooming relationship that existed between all the tribes in Nigeria, indicating that too much mistrust and religion which has become an implement for political power has dampened this relationship.

A fair, just and equitable system, the tripod for stability.

Asked about the hope for survival of Nigeria’s democracy, Chief Bode noted that this survival was solely based on the justice, fairness and equity in the country. He stated that it was important to tell truth to power and demand accountability from elected officials. He stated that it was important to have a fair, just and equitable system, as they were the tripods for stability. He stated that if these were sufficiently operated across the country, everyone would immensely benefit, including their children and family members.

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