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Nigerians should depict the nation positively

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By Nicole

Stephen Akintayo, says Nigerians should portray the country in good light.

Dr Stephen Akintayo, Group Managing Director of G-Text Holdings and a Real Estate Professional, has emphasized the importance of Nigerians always portraying the country in a positive manner in order to attract the proper kind of investments for Economic Growth. Akintayo delivered the advice on October 21, 2022, at the unveiling of the company’s newest estate, ‘Sardus Creek,’ in Ogudu, which is located in the heart of Lagos’ mainland under the Kosofe Local Government Area. He emphasized that marketing the country’s many positive is critical to restoring investor confidence in the country, hence providing value and progress to the country.

He went on to say that after presenting the country positively for investments, more employment would be generated, living standards would rise, and other dynamics to raise people out of Poverty would take place. “I am calling to all of you to begin telling the positive side of Nigeria because no one will develop this country for you and l. “When we talk about ‘Japa,’ individuals who travel will always be second citizens to the countries to which they are fleeing, and 200 million Nigerians cannot relocate.” “So, we have to figure out how to make this country work for us,” he remarked.

The project is set to employ at least 500 workers.

According to him, the new project, which comes only weeks after the business unveiled Jasper Estate, Isheri, is consistent with the company’s mission for green and smart houses. He stated that the project will employ 500 people and that the corporation would contribute its fair share to the country’s economic prosperity. Akintayo, on the other hand, urged the government to continue to create a more conducive climate for businesses of all sizes to grow. “When you purchase land from us, we commit to building it to your specifications, providing Security, and ensuring that you receive a smart home in accordance with current evolving Technology and Climate Change.”

We also have a project that transforms all garbage into gas for cooking and other purposes,” he added. Also, Mrs. Toyin Lawani, a celebrity stylist, while criticizing property sector challenges, praised G-text Homes for their credibility over the years. She stated that the commendation was based on the fact that the property was instantly ready for allocation following payment confirmation. A lot of young landlords in Nigeria have allocation problems. I know a lot about the property buying and selling business, and the main issue so far has been allocation.

Homes are particular about making proper structures and drainages.

When it comes to floods, everyone is reluctant to acquire land, but G-text Homes is meticulous about ensuring that there is a sufficient drainage system and that your building is correctly designed. “These days, it is critical that you check where you are investing your money to ensure that it is safe; safety comes first; put your family first in all you do.” “That’s what G-text Homes provides,” the Fashion mogul added. Mike Nwogu, better known as Pretty Mike, a socialite, stated that the new estate would be a duplicate of the high standards found only in industrialized countries.

Nwogu, who highlighted that it was impossible for 200 million people to Japa, expressed optimism that Nigeria will soon be better than ever. As a result, he challenged everyone to work together to make Nigeria great again. It’s a pleasure to work with G-text Real Estate Company, a company with honesty and distinction. I commend the company for the advancements it provides to the community and the value it adds to the people of the specific area and being a part of an innovative enterprise brings me great satisfaction. We are working with a really respectable company.

G-text Real Estate Corporation has a reputable track of records.

You can see other things they’ve done if you go to their Instagram or YouTube profiles. It is not a new company that is just getting started; they have a proven track record, which is critical. Integrity is critical in everything we do, especially in a country and environment like ours where it is scarce. G-Text has a very solid track record, and a mini-Dubai is on its way, he remarked.


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