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Nigerians jailed in the UK for abuse

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By Mercy Kelani

A camera documented the mistreatment by these health care workers.

An elderly lady, aged 89, was identified by authorities as an inhabitant of a care facility situated in Wolverhampton, as disclosed by law enforcement, and she suffers from the degenerative condition of vascular dementia, rendering her unable to communicate verbally. In Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, a group of individuals identified as Nigerians, who happen to work in the healthcare sector, find themselves confined behind bars. Their incarceration comes as a direct consequence of their disturbing actions towards this elderly patient, which was captured on camera.

These actions included both physical and emotional abuse. On December 14, 2023 the BBC released an article uncovering that law enforcement officials revealed an additional shocking detail: her relatives had clandestinely implemented surveillance by installing a camera to document the mistreatment by these health care workers. According to an article published by BBC News, Ame Tunkara, Morounranti Adefila, Danny Ohen, and Bridget Aideyan were all convicted and subsequently handed down sentences by Wolverhampton Crown Court.

The 89-year old woman was subjected to harsh treatment.

Detectives noted that, after having resided in the home for one year, the woman exhibited visible bruising on her arm, prompting concern from her family. Additionally, she displayed signs of anxiety and developed a fear of physical contact. Over the course of four days, the camera was carefully installed by the family, and an extensive amount of footage was captured. According to the West Midlands Police, the 89-year old woman was subjected to harsh treatment.

This harsh treatment includes forceful handling, getting struck with a pillow, and being treated with disregard for her dignity and respect. As soon as the abuse was brought to the attention of the care facility, a total of three employees were promptly terminated from their positions, while an additional trio of the agency staff members were placed on suspension. After which a diligent review of the film caught by the camera was reviewed by the authorities.

There were allegations against eight care assistants.

Following a thorough review of the footage, law enforcement officials have successfully uncovered the identities of two additional individuals believed to be involved, as confirmed by the police. There were allegations against eight care assistants, leading to their charges, following a trial where four of them were eventually acquitted. On December 8, Tunkara, aged 33 and residing in Walsall, along with Adefila, aged 43 and hailing from Wolverhampton, received a four-month prison term after being convicted of maltreatment and wilful neglect.

Also, on November 14, 2023, both Ohen and Aideyan, who reside in the town of Wolverhampton, were convicted of identical crimes and given prison terms of six months and four months respectively. Their ages are 39 and 49, for Ohen and Aideyan respectively. Det. Con. Kathryn Sargent expressed her deep dismay over the unfortunate passing of the elderly woman in October, emphasizing that she should have been spared any form of mistreatment during her final years.

David Atherton brought this incident to Twitter.

On December 15, 2023, David Atherton, a well-known journalist who regularly offers his insights on various TV and radio channels like BBC, ITV, BBC Radio, TalkTV, and GBNews, shared an alarming revelation. He took to Twitter to highlight a disturbing incident in Wolverhampton where four Nigerian healthcare professionals were held accountable for mistreating an elderly woman suffering from vascular dementia, who was 89 years old, revealing this criminal act by alleged Nigerians to the world.

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2 months ago

Nigerians jailed in the UK for abuse. – A camera documented the mistreatment by these health care workers. – Express your point of view.

Adeoye Adegoke
2 months ago

I understand your concern about the Nigerians who were jailed in the UK for abuse. It is truly disheartening to hear about cases where individuals entrusted with the care of others engage in mistreatment and abuse. The fact that the mistreatment was documented by a camera is particularly troubling, as it provides concrete evidence of the wrongdoing.
It is crucial that incidents like these are thoroughly investigated and that those responsible are held accountable for their actions. Abuse and mistreatment have no place in any profession, especially in healthcare, where the well-being and safety of patients should always be the top priority.
Such incidents not only harm the individuals directly affected but also erode trust in the healthcare system as a whole. It is essential for healthcare organizations and regulatory bodies to take decisive action to prevent and address such instances, ensuring that proper protocols and safeguards are in place to protect patients and maintain professional standards.
By addressing these issues, promoting transparency, and fostering a culture of accountability, we can work towards ensuring that such abuses are prevented and that the healthcare system remains a place of trust, compassion, and healing for all.

2 months ago

Priorities should always be set high for the safety and wellbeing of patients. It is completely unethical to abuse patients, as it contradicts the values of delivering high-quality healthcare. It is imperative that such incidents are recorded and the perpetrators brought to justice.The prevention and resolution of such incidents requires swift action from regulatory agencies and healthcare institutions.

2 months ago

Nigerians abused and imprisoned in the UK These medical staff members’ maltreatment was captured on camera. Nigerians incarcerated in the UK after being found guilty of maltreatment. Such incidents need to be thoroughly investigated, and anyone found to be at fault need to be held accountable.where the health and safety of the patient must always come foremost.

2 months ago

I find the actions of those healthcare workers deeply distressing and unacceptable. Mistreatment of vulnerable individuals goes against our values of compassion and care. It’s crucial that such incidents are addressed promptly to uphold the integrity of our healthcare system.
Also, If the accused healthcare workers are innocent, it’s essential for a fair and thorough legal process to determine the truth. Every individual deserves a fair trial, and the legal system should ensure that justice is served based on evidence and due process.