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Nigerian students leave India university

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By Nicole

About 60 Nigerian at GD Goenka University left because they were beaten.

About 60 Nigerian students who were enrolled in GD Goenka University, a private university in India, have reportedly left the campus after being beaten and harassed on the football field and in their dorm. The Nigerian students, according to the Times of India, claimed they feared for their safety and were temporarily residing in different areas of Delhi as they sought the assistance of the Nigerian embassy. According to reports, they made the “temporary” decision to withdraw after an Indian student Protest against Nigerians for praying on the football field nearly a month earlier.

The students who were protesting, yelling “Jai Shri Ram,” had filed a complaint with the registrar, requesting that the administrators make sure that the Nigerians performed rituals or prayers, known as “namaz” in India, only in their dorm rooms. Police and the institution had previously stated that the issue had been peacefully settled. The football pitch, according to the police and university administration on Sunday, had nothing to do with the demonstrations against “namaz” that took place a month earlier.

The trouble began when both Nigerian and Indian students were on a team.

Ranked as one of India’s top universities, GD Goenka University, is well-known and highly respected worldwide. The hallmark of the University is high-quality instruction that encourages research, innovation, and extension among its students. Through the entrenched fundamental principles of intellectual brilliance, collegiality, diversity, and honesty, the GD Goenka University, recognized by the UGC, wants to be a global leader in the Higher Education ecosystem of the twenty-first century, offering a wide range of courses.

According to Khaleel, the following day, they were attacked in the dorm by a group of Indian students. “They abused us and threatened to punish us severely. In total, there are 63 Nigerians present. For the time being, we are residing in Delhi and have left the university,” he continued. On the other side, a group of Nigerian students allegedly attacked some Indian students. Sultan Khan, a pharmacy student, claimed that on Saturday while he was going around campus, four to five Nigerians allegedly cursed at him.

The university management said that no student has left the campus.

They continued to strike me. My companions then came to my aid, but they too were also beaten with whips and rods, recalled Sultan the student, who reported the whole incident to the police. Cross-FIRs have been filed as a result of complaints made by both parties against one another at the Sohna City police station. The cases have been filed under IPC sections 506 (criminal intimidation), 323 (voluntarily causing harm), and 34 (common intention).

There was no significant event. In the midst of a football game, there was an argument between the two groups that turned physical. We have Cross-FIRs on file and have received complaints from both sides. The ACP, Upasana, stated, “We are reviewing CCTV material and will take appropriate measures.” No students had left campus, insisted the university administration. However, they claimed that 10 students had been expelled for allegedly being a part of the disturbance at the Friday game.

Students from more than 40 different countries attend here.

Additionally this institution, acknowledged as a “Diamond” ranked university by QS IGUAGE is GD Goenka University. With its magnificent and lush campus of more than 60 acres, it offers more than 100 programs. Students from more than 40 different countries are taught by more than 200 carefully selected professors. Offering courses from Animation design to Teacher training programs. More than 30 universities and professional organizations from the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and other nations collaborate with the university.


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