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By Mercy Kelani

Consistency, commitment and passion is needed in the marketing business.

At the maiden “Real Estate Masterclass”, tagged “Selling the Mortgage Option”, organized for real estate marketers and players in the industry to gather more knowledge and skills to facilitate selling process at Civic Center, Lagos, real estate boss and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rock Realty Limited, Dr. Ibukun Adebayo, debunked the statement that commercial mortgages in Nigeria are too costly. She advised stakeholders and Nigerians to take off the mindset that mortgages are exploitative, but implement their availability to their own benefits.

CEO of Brilliant Concepts, Dr. Ambassador Funke Kehinde, in her keynote speech titled “Improving Visibility and the Art of Closing Deals as a Real Estate Marketer” stressed the significance of consistency, commitment and passion in the sector’s marketing business. She emphasized the significance of building trust with clients for maintenance of healthy relationships and not destroying them for temporary financial gain. She further noted the huge benefit of retaining existing clients because referrals from them contribute significantly to sales.

Mortgages are not costly and exploitative — real estate expert.

Furthermore, she encouraged participants to embrace prioritization of attendance, regardless of other competing demands, stressing the continuous presence of financial obligations. Whenever necessary, Dr. Kehinde urged participants to ensure collaboration with and quest for assistance from senior colleagues in the industry. The convener of the real estate programme likewise defined mortgages as a concept and highlighted the major differences between mortgage loans and regular loans, while also disclaiming the notion that mortgages are costly and exploitative.

Dr. Adebayo, in her session at the masterclass titled “Understanding Mortgages and How to Use Them to Capture Sales”, cited various factors impeding mortgage rates in both developed and developing economies. She also explained in details the interaction between real estate capital appreciation, mortgage rates, rental incomes, savings, and rental rates, and how they can be implemented in unlocking value for individuals who have not previously had a means of owning a home for themselves.

Visual content and creativity as a sales strategy.

According to Rock Realty Limited boss, real estate marketers are business experts and are required to ensure provision of valuable service to their clients, irrespective of their tags as hustlers. She likewise enlightened participants concerning the blue and red ocean strategies, citing how unlocked mortgage opportunities are representations of blue ocean strategy. CEO of Katalyst Consulting, Paul Foh, further enlightened them on the sales strategy through visual content and creativity that would catch the attention of potential buyers.

In a session entitled “Leveraging Digitalization to Enhance Real Estate Sales”, Paul Foh emphasized the need for consistent creation of brand awareness in all social media platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. He also explained the importance of using YouTube. He explained this by giving statistics on its ability to reach many potential clients while citing how consistent online posting can foster rapid results over time. He likewise added that selling value should be prioritized over price when negotiating with potential clients to avoid lost sales.

Job opportunities arising for industry marketers.

Investment Manager, Rock Realty Limited, Oghenereke Edheka, disclosed that among the company’s many upcoming projects, it is set to open an office which will see to creation of more job opportunities for marketers in the industry. Team Lead at Imperial Mortgage Bank, Olateru-Olagbegi Olanipekun, in his keynote speech titled “Selling the Mortgage Option” gave an overview of the mortgage procedure with an inclusion of every necessary documentation. Amidst his presentation, he cited the key differences between commercial mortgages and NHF mortgages.

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