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Nigerian lawyers ‘japa’ for greener pastures

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By Mercy Kelani

Research showed that the migration is due to inefficient case management.

Recently, the quest to leave Nigeria, ‘Japa’, is no longer a joke as it is now resulting in a huge brain drain, and is having a negative impact on the Nigerian economy. There were cases where teachers, nurses and doctors leave the country, prior to this time, to the UK, America, Canada and other countries. A legal practitioner, Kenneth Irabor, who is based in Lagos, stated that the recent development showed that lawyers migrated to abroad due to inefficient case management and the political space.

He said that the reason many legal practitioners were moving abroad is political, aside from the many other factors. The case management system in the US is efficient; for instance, a case fixed by a judge cannot be delayed, while in Nigeria the situation is opposite. Cases are delayed by the magistrate with no good reason, wasting the money and time of people. He concluded his statement by restating that the system is frustrating, making many citizens to leave the country.

There is also poor regulation of lawyers’ remunerations.

Another legal practitioner, Victor Usifor, said that low income for service is the cause of ‘japa’ wave as it is apparent in the country. Also, lack of opportunities also caused ‘japa’ waves for the lawyers. He stated that lawyers’ remuneration in Nigeria has poor regulation, as low income for service in Nigeria, compared to a country of interest, is another factor that is usually considered. Also, the ‘japa’ trend is implemented by people as an adventure for the sake of the education of their children.

Currently, he added that the standard and financing situation of the Nigerian educational system contributes to the massive brain drain in the country. Another legal practitioner, Uzoma Ibeawuchi, highlighted that insecurity is one of the factors that led to the ‘japa’ wave for his colleagues. For instance, a lawyer, Ike Emerogu, was abducted and killed after the demand for ransom was made and paid in Port Harcourt. Report indicated that lawyers were resigning from their different law firms, leading to a daily decrease in the number of lawyers in firms.

FG should prevent the surging rate of migration.

A legal expert, Linda Alpheus, reported that lack of confidence in the country is being displayed by youths in Nigeria. Also, she added that plumbers, doctors and teachers are leaving their jobs, stressing that the situation is frustrating and not worthy to live for in Nigeria. The Federal government has been called on by the people to prevent the surging rate at which people in the country migrate in search of better lives. A lecturer, Ndubuisi Ekekwe, who is based in the United States declared that the government should address the ‘japa’ wave as a national emergency.

Ekekwe said that, though he had left the country many years ago and does not possess the right to comment, the ugly situation should be treated as a national emergency by the Nigerian government. According to Ekekwe’s research, 90 percent of students who graduated as the top of their department during his set in FUTO’s School of Engineering and Engineering Technology (SEET) live outside the borders of Nigeria. Therefore, he charged the government to establish opportunities in the country. He added that the country is fading quickly in many human capital indicators.

Limited places exist for talents to grow and be nurtured.

Lateef Yusuf, at LOY and Partners, Temple, England, United Kingdom, said that the recent development should not be considered as an issue. He said that limited places exist, despite the fact that the world is full of many talents, for talents to grow, blossom and be nurtured. Also, talents travel to places where the field is similarly levelled. He referenced a story of a friend concerning an advertisements for a civil service job with a “minimum of 2:1”. However, those that were employed were below the requirement, minimum.

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