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Nigerian 1914 Exhibition; Nigeria’s history

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By Mercy Kelani

The exhibition project is to awaken the consciousness of Nigerian citizens.

The Nigerian 1914 Exhibition, a display of historical paintings, chronicling the history of Nigeria from the amalgamation in 1914 through the country’s independence in 1960 debuted in the Federal Capital Territory. Report has it that the exhibition will be a week-long, as the Project Director of ‘Nigeria 1914,’ Akin Laniyi, stated that the exhibition is scheduled to hold from October 1-8, 2022; however, its opening ceremony took place at the Transcorp Hilton in Abuja on October 1, 2022.

According to the statement of the project director, the exhibition has the endorsement and support of the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, and other relevant bodies, and also coincides with the country’s 62nd independence anniversary celebration. The 1914 exhibition is an educational exhibition that cuts across pictures, portraits, artifacts and paintings, based on the history, milestones, icons and Culture of Nigeria from the 1914 amalgamation and through the nation’s independence in 1960, up until recent times.

Each day of the exhibition is named after reputable foundations.

The project is predicted to awaken the consciousness of the Nigerian citizens as a people to create a reflection on the Nigerian history and the need for social order. The 8 days of the exhibition would be held at the Transcorp Hilton with the sole aim of promoting the education, nationhood, and admirable things about the citizens as richly diverse people. It was also stated that each day of the exhibition has been named after a renowned foundation; this act is to serve as an encouragement and appreciation for their primary allocation

Within the 8 days of the exhibition, foundations like the Goodluck Jonathan Foundation; Atiku Care; Prince Arthur Eze; Prince Ned Nwoko; Tony Elumelu; TY Danjuma; Yar’ Adua; and Yakubu Gowon Foundation have days that have been specially dedicated to them. It was also noted that the public and dignitaries from different walks of life will grace the exhibition to experience the relish of the journey of Nigeria from 1914 till date.

The project is predicted to address unity struggles.

The exhibition also has each day allocated for visitors from the diplomatic community and government functionaries, with the inclusion of lovers of art and history of Nigeria. Following the vision of the promotion of national unity and the shared history of the country, major cities in Nigeria which include Abuja, Port Harcourt and Lagos would also stage the exhibition presenting Nigeria, her people, opportunities and potential on the global stage through iconic pictures, paintings, artifacts, and portraits.

Having staged the exhibition in major Nigerian cities, it will be taken through cities of the world such as London, Paris, Berlin, Sydney, New York, Beijing, Toronto, Stockholm and Tokyo. The Project Director of the Project Tourism Africa, Chuks Anyaduba, added that the event was timely, considering the various challenges that are currently threatening its unity. While appreciating the organizers of the exhibition for the initiative, he urged Nigerians to support the projects that build social integration and national unity.

The Exhibition will showcase the country’s independence movement.

In addition, Mr. Anyaduba expressed his thoughts of the exhibition as being a good idea owing to the fact that many young people have no understanding of what it means to have independence because they have no idea of the story that led to the independence movement and the actual independence. As a result, he commended the documenting and showcasing of the process, urging people to key into it to learn of the nationalists’ movements and great leaders, whose fights brought independence for the country.


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