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Nigeria to sign agreement with Chinese firm

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By Nicole

The federal government is planning to establish electronic surveillance.

In order to keep an eye on the country’s borders, the federal government intends to set up electronic surveillance posts at various locations. Rauf Aregbesola, the interior minister, made this statement in Abuja while participating in the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) forum. According to Mr. Aregbesola, the electronic surveillance posts were created to strengthen current immigration controls and improve National Security. He said, “As a matter of fact, we are at the point of signing an agreement with Huawei on e-border.”

He also added that this means that we want to use Technology to put all of the key border positions under continuous electronic satellite surveillance. This will allow us to monitor designated border areas in real time, around-the-clock, from all of our monitoring centers, especially the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) headquarters. You can also press a button to find out what’s going on at the Kamba border post, the Jibia border, and even Mfum, he said. Chinese Investors own the technology company Huawei. The federal government is committed to ensuring the safety of all citizens, Mr. Aregbesola assured.

Sister organizations would keep trying to stop illegal immigration.

Aregbesola further stated that the NIS and its sister organizations would keep up their efforts to stop all cross-border crimes and illegal immigration. “We are the leading agency in border management, but we won’t stop working to keep Nigerians safe,” said the agency. Almost all of the other security and intelligence agencies are involved, and we are not relaxing; instead, we are devoted and committed to making sure that this action will lessen threats and that we will manage and control the borders. Nigerians, according to Mr. Aregbesola, ought to be proud of having one of the longest borders in Africa. Nigeria’s roughly 5,000 km of borderline serves as a powerful illustration of this point.

You cannot possibly have enough men to man every inch, centimeter, or millimeter of that borderline, that is what this tells you. However, we have established manned border posts that are dispersed along the entire length of Nigeria’s borders. There is no borderline where there is human existence that does not divide human beings, communities who are Homogenous, except where it is impossible for human beings to exist, which means that aside from that, which is about sovereignty, the artificiality of our boundaries cannot just be thrown aside. It can be found in the South, West, Central, North-west, North-east, and North-central regions.

NIS says they will continue partnership with Chinese mobile technologies.

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has stated that it will continue to fortify its partnership with Huawei, a leader in Mobile Technology in China, in order to provide a digital platform for efficient and seamless migration management across national borders for internal security. Isah Idris, acting comptroller-general (CG) of the NIS, stated that the NIS must continue to use Huawei technologies to support the agency’s commitment to enforcing seamless operations and strategies. This is due to the need for the appropriate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to be deployed smoothly.

Idris stated during an interactive session between the NIS and Huawei on immigration digital transformation that ongoing cooperation between the two organizations is essential to advancing efforts to secure Nigeria’s borders through ICT. The use of appropriate Information and Communications Technology (ICT) cannot be overemphasized, he claimed. As the service has long recognized this within the framework of its legal obligations and in support of its overall commitment to establishing effective and efficient migration management and internal security strategies in Nigeria.

All security agencies are tasked in border policing and national safety.

The task of maintaining law and order on the border and securing the nation, according to the minister, involved all security and intelligence agencies. He said, “federal government is not relenting” it is highly dedicated and committed to making sure that border threat management and control are effective. Nevertheless, the minister gave Nigerians assurances that, once implemented, the e-border monitoring and surveillance would significantly reduce the rate of cross-border crimes and other criminal activities.


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