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Nigeria to exhibit cultural Heritage globally

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By Usman Oladimeji

The center could strategically promote Nigeria's cultural tourism.

To promote Nigeria’s rich and diverse cultural heritage, a new structure has been formed to steer this initiative. Director General, National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC), Otunba Segun Runsewe revealed that with the establishment of a new e-library/view center which will be situated at Nigeria’s new Culture House in Abuja, the entire world will be able to explore the country’s cultural heritages. Runsewe, who is also the President of the World Craft Council (WCC) said it will document Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage and make it accessible to people in more than 150 nations.

He shared the news during a meeting with reporters in Beijing following a trip to the Great Wall of China. In his presentation, the NCAC Director General highlighted the e-library/view center platform as a fruitful byproduct of Runsewe’s continuous engagement in China. According to him, the center will be used strategically to promote basic etiquette of Nigeria’s cultural tourism legacy to the world’s tourism industry, specialists in cultural heritage preservation, and students of cultural studies.

This E-library facilitates digital interactions with 150 nations.

Otunba Runsewe said that other countries are using the e-library/view centre for promoting their tourist and heritage prospects after it served as a new platform to promote natural resources and Heritage sites during the COVID-19. The most exciting part, in his opinion, is that once Nigeria taps into the E-library/View Centre, its going to be connected to over 150 countries across the world, which will influence the world’s perspective of Nigeria, especially the wrong perceptions.

The platform would also enable Nigerians to share their country’s history, culture, and icons with the world, sparking interest and discussion about Nigeria’s achievements and potential, he added. In his opinion, the fact that this E-library facilitates digital interactions between Nigeria and roughly 150 nations across the world is a great advantage for Nigeria, and it motivates the country to learn more about the digital opportunities that can be used to promote and market Nigeria.

Connection between China and Nigeria is flourishing.

Moreover, Runsewe spoke highly of the Ambassador of China to Nigeria, His Excellency, Cui Jianchun efforts in strengthening ties of friendship and cultural exchange between the two countries. He described him as a visionary leader whose work in government has impacted the trajectory of ties between Nigeria and China. The Ambassador has worked to coordinate and bring the people of the two countries together, especially youths in Nigeria, by giving them access to Chinese language and cultural education.

Also, facilitate Chinese students who wish to study the history and culture of the Nigerian people by visiting universities and towns in Nigeria. There is no longer any doubt that the connection between China and Nigeria is flourishing thanks to the foresight of the Chinese embassy and the Chinese cultural centre in Nigeria. The DG also used this moment to express his appreciation for the work that Li Xuda, Director of the Chinese Centre in Abuja, has been doing with youths in Nigeria.

E-library would allow Nigeria to become more globally accessible.

One of the benefits that resulted from the ambassador and his team’s work in Nigeria as highlighted is the ability to now connect to an e-library, which would allow the country to become more globally accessible. In addition, Otunba Runsewe said he is in talks with the Chinese ambassador about sending a formidable team to China to study the country’s cultural policy. He also mentioned plans to create 37 “national cultural tourism products” for Nigeria, one for each of the country’s states. These cultural tourism products will be part of a larger strategy to get the globe engaged with Nigeria and its people.

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