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Nigeria needs innovative water solutions

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By Abiodun Okunloye

Expert advocates for a sustainable way to handing the country's water treatment.

Fordmarx Nigeria Ltd., a water and renewables engineering corporation, disclosed that Nigeria needs to immediately adopt innovative approaches to its water supply and sanitation challenges if it is to address this ongoing crisis. Speaking at this year’s World Water Day commemoration in Abuja hosted by the Federal Ministry of Water Resources under the theme “Accelerating Change for solving the water and sanitation crisis,” the corporation MD/CEO Mr. Offorbuike Nnaji underlined that the dependence on the conventional water supply structure was no more sustainable given the rapidly expanding population of Nigeria.

Being part of the World Water Day sponsorship, he said they are delighted to associate with the organizers of this event not only because of the relevance of the subject matter but also due to the theme considered, which deals with finding solutions to the water issues in the country. He assured the nation that his company was prepared to step in, citing the urgent need to modernize the outdated methods now used to provide water as the motivation.

World Bank and United Nations are also concerned with the challenge.

Mr. Nnaji applauded the World Bank’s efforts and initiatives in highlighting the water problem in Nigeria and the United Nations’ use of the day to bring international attention and the urgent need to manage it. He explained that water is everywhere, yet there’s none to drink. The importance of water can not be undermined, especially in human health, sanitation, food preparation, food security, and economic expansion can not be stressed enough. In light of the country’s rapid population growth, he painted a bleak picture of the water supply situation.

He stated that providing residents across Nigeria with a steady supply of clean water at reasonable prices and in a manner that minimizes adverse environmental effects was Nigeria’s main difficulty. He said that the World Economic Forum (WEF) had recently recognized water supply and sanitation as being one of the greatest hazards to global economic growth and that, due to technological disadvantages, a lot of Nigeria’s water is unfit for human use or industrial processing.

The company aims to partner with the government on the water crisis.

If the federal government was ready to collaborate with them, he said the company offered to use its expertise in this area to rescue Nigeria from its current predicament. They have professional expertise in Water Engineering and technology, focusing on water schemes and projects in the highly specialized fields of water geology, reticulation, borehole drilling, smart metering and billing, all made possible by their sustainable Solar technologies. They are heavily invested in irrigation technology as a solution to agricultural problems and food shortages.

Moreover, he asserted that their company models could generate over 20 million new work opportunities in all sectors of the economy in a single year, and their expertise is eager to lend a hand to the Federal Government in this area. Water is, without a doubt, a natural resource of irreplaceable usefulness, and its availability has continued to be a current concern in the clime because of, in part, the outdated technology that is still being utilized in controlling and processing it.

Nigeria’s population is forecast to rise to 263 million by 2030.

According to him, Nigeria’s population is forecast to rise from its current 216 million to 263 million by 2030 and then to 733 million by 2050, at which point it will still be the most populated nation in Africa and the seventh largest in the world. These humbling numbers and the absence of strategic plans to address these issues leave people extremely susceptible to water scarcity, starvation, and poverty. With the devastating impacts of climate change and the anticipated rise in internal migration, Nigeria has no choice but to seize the opportunities presented by her water resources immediately.

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