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Nigeria needs honest leaders to curb mishaps

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By Nicole

Uzodinma of Imo has urged Nigerians to enthrone honest and visionary leaders.

Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo has urged Nigerians to elect sincere and forward-thinking leaders to tackle the nation’s issues, such as corruption and insecurity. This was stated by Uzodinma on Friday in Abuja during a lecture with the title “National Security, Strategic Leadership and Development: My Political Experience” that he gave at the National Defence College (NDC). Leadership is Nigeria’s problem. Nigerians will have the chance to decide in less than two weeks who will further the visionary advancements made over the past seven and a half years as offered by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The decision is totally up to Nigerians. If we’re successful, our tale will be different. As the expression goes, we must lie in our beds as we make them. He asserts that Nigeria needs a strategic leader who is honorable, responsible, competent, and visionary, as well as someone who has a rare sense of patriotism and love for the nation. These qualities in a leader will remove the barriers of racism, religious intolerance, and corruption. The public will be motivated and committed, and latent talent and industry in Nigerians will be unleashed. Development will then flow unabatedly, much like a river flows. Most importantly, it will increase the number of Nigerians who are willing to die for their nation.

The way forward in enhancing strategic leadership in governance.

Gov. Uzodinma continued by saying that accountable and transparent leadership is the key to improving strategic leadership in Nigerian politics and government going forward. He contends that when a leader is sincere, open, and responsible, the majority of issues with the governance process are resolved. Independent of his own interests, a transparent leader will guarantee the accurate execution of the constitution. Despite temptation, a responsible leader will stay away from corruption. And a trustworthy leader will handle authority with justice, making sure to set a good example, the governor stated. He added that Nigeria must address the issues brought on by ethnic conflicts.

He was adamant while addressing the difficulties of successful leadership in Nigeria that we risk being outmatched in our efforts to realize our country’s objectives unless we tame the issues of ethnicity and religion. So, in order to fulfil the desires of the majority of Nigerians, a focused government must recognize and isolate these ills. This requires making compromises. He stated that this calls for the attention of patriots and leaders who are committed to overcome the obstacles standing in the way of the nation’s completing its destiny. The governor asked the attendees to respond to matters of national importance in a patriotic manner.

With equity and justice all forms of nepotism and criminalities will stop.

According to him, once there is an honest and visionary leadership, no matter how complicated and insurmountable the country’s challenges with insecurity and growth may seem, they can be resolved. We have seen how closely related national growth and security are. Visionary, sincere leadership and sustained national development are also essential. This is the case because imaginative and sincere leadership will inevitably result in a government that is accountable and focused on development and is founded on equity and justice. Ethnicity, nepotism, religious intolerance, separatist, and other forms of polarization, along with the related criminalities, will fade away when equity, justice, and development are elevated to the throne.

So, the majority of the problems we currently confront in the country will become a thing of the past with a vision-filled and integrity-driven leadership. Being an unrelenting optimist, the governor voiced the hope that “better days are ahead and the current season of anxiety and instability will pass, sooner rather than later.” To improve and create peace in the nation, Gov. Uzodinma urged both leaders and followers to adopt new attitudes. He called for coordinated measures to address the nation’s security issues as well as other problems, emphasizing that the military should not be left to handle the job alone.

Everybody should have a role in ensuring peace in the country.

Rear Admiral Murtala Bashir, the Commandant of NDC, praised the governor for his efforts to provide exemplary and forward-thinking leadership in his state. He asserted that the foundation of effective governance lies in the areas of national security, political climate, and strategic leadership. As a strategic leader, you must consider the safety and wellbeing of your followers, and you must possess qualities such as integrity, openness, and inventiveness, among others. He added that strategic leadership and effective governance go hand in hand and that a successful leader must be patriotic. Therefore, he asserted that the nation’s total development was dependent on excellent governance. Moreover, Rear Admiral Bashir urged cooperation in addressing the nation’s problems.

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