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Nigeria Mining Week to uncover potential

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By Abiodun Okunloye

Vital role that the country major mineral resources play will be discussed.

To diversify the economy away from its reliance on oil and gas exports, the Federal Government on Wednesday pledged that the 8th Edition of the Nigeria Mining Week would unleash the mining industry’s potential. Dr. Mary Ogbe, Permanent Secretary of Nigeria’s Ministry of Mines and Steel Development, made the promise at a press conference held in Abuja ahead of the Nigeria Mining Week, whose theme is “Capitalizing on Nigeria’s Critical Mineral Resources for Economic Growth,” scheduled to take place in Abuja from October 16-18, 2023. Ogbe said the sector stakeholders will attend and discuss how Nigeria’s critical mineral resources drive economic growth and sustainable development.

At the press briefing, representatives from PwC, Vuka Group, and the Miners Association of Nigeria were also present. The Miners Association of Nigeria, Vuka Group, PwC, and the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development all work together to put on the 8th Edition of Nigeria Mining Week. This edition would include participants from the USA, Australia, South Africa, Ghana, Canada, the UAE, and many more. She remarked that the conference would serve as an important forum for industry leaders to meet and discuss the vital role of major mineral resources in promoting economic growth and long-term development.

Investors to investigate prospective investment opportunities.

The goal of the week is to facilitate discussions, exchange of knowledge, and collaboration between government officials, mining firms, investors, technology providers, and other stakeholders to realise the full potential of the industry. Nigeria has a long history of natural richness, and the country is now well-positioned to put that wealth to use for sustainable economic growth and development. Reputable national and international experts will impart their knowledge on the most recent trends, technology, and industry best practices.

More so, the sessions will cover a wide variety of issues, spanning from exploration and production to conservation and ethical practices in the sector, with a particular emphasis on the trends of the global energy transition and investment opportunities. Investors will also have the opportunity to investigate prospective investment opportunities within Nigeria’s Ecosystem on the platform that the event will provide. It will also highlight the various investment opportunities that are now accessible in Nigeria in light of the government’s commitment to developing an environment that is friendly to business.

Networking, Exhibition and others will be featured.

Many possibilities for networking will also be provided to create connections between industry players, government representatives, and service providers. This interaction is absolutely necessary for the formation of cooperation that can propel the sector’s process of expansion. A comprehensive exhibition area will also be held to display cutting-edge technology, goods, and services that are connected to the mining industry. The participants in this expo will have the opportunity to observe innovative ideas that are changing the future of the industry firsthand.

According to Dele Ayanleke, the national president of MAN, the major subject of this year’s edition is spot on. The world is in the midst of an evolution from the era of fossil energy to the age of renewable energy, and since Nigeria is home to a large deposit of minerals necessary for this transition, it is crucial that stakeholders get together to advise the policymakers on how to practically convert these resources into massive economic growth and development by hastening the process of the industrial revolution by capitalising on the country’s mineral endowments.

An industry worth $27 billion can be built on the country potential.

Samukelo Madiabane, Director of Events for the Mining Portfolio at VUKA Group, added that the mineral resources of coal, iron ore, lead, limestone, tin, and zinc will be the focus of the international event. With the finding of battery metals in Nigeria, the country now has a competitive edge in the global market for these commodities, which may be worth $27 billion as an industry. Nigeria might lead in this crucial field as the world moves towards sustainability and environmental friendliness. Its strategy pivoting towards mineral beneficiation and reducing raw material export marks a new era. The mining Weeks is vital when creating a long-term mining sector and realising its wealth for everybody. The country’s mineral resources can be used to benefit all its residents by adopting the correct steps.

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