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Nigeria may be under pressure in power fight

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By Abiodun Okunloye

The country may be caught in the US-China rivalry for a New World Order.

Speaking at the 41st Annual District Conference of Rotary International, District 9110, with the theme “Imaginative DIsCon 2023” at the June 12 Cultural Centre in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Professor Bolaji Akinyemi, former minister of Foreign Affairs, warned that Nigeria might be caught in the collision of loyalty between the United States along with China in the struggle for a New World Order. Attending the conference were at least 5,000 Rotarians from Lagos and Ogun. In the speech titled “New World Order and Rotary,” he pointed out that equity and justice do not imply an equal world in life, particularly in a world which is characterized by a power mentality.

According to Prof. Akinyemi, the five superpowers control the old world order and focus on determining who has the power to oppose any policy proposed by the United Nations that is not in their best interests. He argued strongly for the establishment of a just new world order. He elaborated by saying that a reorganization of the current system is one of the tenets of the New World Order. However, he challenged Rotary International’s members to help bring about a more just and fair society for the benefit of all people.

Struggles for power by countries created a period of instability.

He asserted that the world is currently in a transitional phase between two global powers: the United States, which is declining, and China, which is rising. The United States will be struggling for its corner, China and Russia will be fighting for theirs, and the regional powers will be battling for theirs, all of which will lead to a period of instability. Several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and minor regional powers, including Rotary, will be entangled in the battlefield of allegiances.

In the quest for a New World Order, power is being contested at the very place where decisions are made. Rotary members ought to identify with the conclusion that the world needs to be more just and fair. Fairness and justice do not imply equal opportunities for all humans. The power to control others and inflict unacceptable hurt on them is vastly different from the ability to defend against suffering unacceptable damage at the hands of others. This second option is what every nation ought to work towards.

Rotary year was a game changer with key partnerships and initiatives.

Mrs. Omotunde Lawson, the Governor of Rotary District 9110, stated in her remarks that the Rotary year was a year that changed the game and that it was characterized by key partnerships that had an enormous impact on both Rotary and the communities that they served. Being the first female Governor of the district and being responsible for the creation of the “Koseleri” slogan, Mrs. Lawson revealed several of the activities that have taken place in the district as a result of her leadership.

Moreso, she stated that Rotary had begun a medical and surgical mission in partnership with the Association of Nigerian Physicians in Americas (ANPA) as well as Ace Medicare, Ota and that there will be 5,000 beneficiaries at the completion of the exercise. It is a conference to celebrate a record of the great achievement of goals that were above their expectations, as well as to show appreciation to those who have been a component of the incredible journey and have been important to the record-breaking feat accomplished so far.

Akeredolu commends the rotary effort in making things better.

Lastly, Mr. Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, Governor of Ondo State and Chairman of the South West Governors, praised Rotary for the many different humanitarian services that the organization provides. Represented by Mr. Rasak Obe, who is his Commissioner for Energy, he stated that the initiatives of the Rotary Club in the campaign against polio could not be undervalued anywhere in the globe while also working towards making the world a more equal and just environment for the sake of all.


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