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Nigeria foresees 1M jobs in digital economy

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By Mercy Kelani

Israel collaborates with Nigeria through I-FAIR program to empower youths.

Michael Freeman, the Israel Ambassador to Nigeria, declared Israeli’s strong commitment to work with Nigeria in securing one million job opportunities through the digital economy. Freeman stated this during a press conference in Abuja for the official inauguration of the 3rd cohort of the Innovation Fellowship for Aspiring Inventors and Researchers (I-FAIR). He expressed his country’s excitement concerning the collaboration with President Bola Tinubu’s administration in the implementation of digital technology for growth. Activities from the conference include a brief video presentation of I-FAIR, the call for nominations and the launching of the program’s website.

He referenced the positive results of the previous two editions of the I-FAIR programme for their provision of mentorship and tools for all Nigerian youths to transform their ideas into practical ventures and promote the country’s economic development. Ambassador Freeman affirmed Israel’s enthusiasm to give their support to the President’s vision — Increasing foreign and local investment to provide one million job opportunities in the digital market. He said that I-FAIR programme will play a significant role in providing jobs, attracting investments and birthing a new era of Nigerian innovators.

I-FAIR is for empowerment of venture creators and entrepreneurs.

Freeman asserted that Nigeria could learn the use of human capital and research development to develop the economy through Israel’s experience. The Founding Partner of Future Africa, Iyinoluwa Aboyaji, commended the effective partnership between Nigeria and Israel, especially on the outcomes of the development and the progressive usage of research for commercial purposes. Aboyaji stated that the mandate is an extremely important one and it can only be effected by the huge support and experience of their partner, Israel, which is mainly to provide one million jobs for Nigerian youths in the digital economy.

From his statement, Aboyaji urged youths to embrace the Innov8Hub programme which serve as an opportunity to acquire success through skill innovation and development. The I-FAIR program is regarded as a partnership effort between the Office of the Vice President of Nigeria and the Embassy of the State of Israel in Nigeria. This initiative is to create empowerment for venture creators, inventors, entrepreneurs, and innovators in Nigeria. The programme originated from the need to correct local challenges with inventive solutions made in Nigeria that will inspire Nigeria.

Third edition of I-FAIR has been officially inaugurated.

Over the past six months, participants were equipped with required resources and support by I-FAIR, making their ideas inventive ones and reliable ventures to provide job opportunities and provide wealth for the citizens and Nigeria at large. The I-FAIR six months programme gives access to selected participants to proficiency, technology, mentorship, and networking opportunities in developing prototypes, investor pitches, products, and businesses. Notable achievements of this initiative has been accounted for through the completion of two editions.

It was recorded that 63 participants with the success of 56 prototypes development has been accounted for the two editions. 1,300 hours of mentorship, developing more than 100 ideas has been provided by the programme. Also, the initiative witnessed intriguing success stories of some participants with I-FAIR such as Thinkbike, Soilless Farm Labs, Quadloop Africa, and Eco Circular solution which pull in investments and establish thriving enterprises. He asserted that many graduated students of I-FAIR are now partnering with fellow Nigerians to contribute to the development of the economy of their fatherland. He added that the I-FAIR’s third edition has been inaugurated officially.

Developing the Nigerian economy is paramount to the President.

At the conference, Ambassador Freeman announced the third edition of I-FAIR programme, stating that the newly elected president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, affirmed his aim to build and develop Nigeria’s economy in his inaugural policy. In addition, he mentioned the aim of the program to increase foreign and local investments and create one million job opportunities for the youths in digital economy because 45 percent of the GDP is built on human capital and research development. Emphatically, Ambassador Freeman stated the successfulness of the partnership between Nigeria and Israel in the area of commercialization of the development and research of their University.

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