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Nigeria digitises services with eGate, Visa

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By Abiodun Okunloye

The partnership will bolster Nigeria Digital economy goal of transformation.

In order to improve the nation’s Digital Infrastructure and offer a digital identity as well as unified payment cards to all citizens, the Nigerian government, through the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASDRA), signed an agreement with Visa, the world leader in digital payments, and eGate, a leading provider of digital transformations. The memorandum of understanding (MOU) is in accordance with the strategy that the Nigerian government has devised to capitalise on the opportunities presented by digital Technology to diversify its Economy while contributing to the expansion of GDP.

It is a strategic partnership that has an overall goal of bolstering the Digital Economy in Nigeria. This will be accomplished through the utilisation of Visa’s global system, eGate’s proficiency in digital solutions, and NASDRAs ability for innovative research. The main objectives of the collaboration will be to advance financial inclusion and infrastructure development, as well as the creation of cutting-edge digital solutions for companies and individual customers. The first stage of the implementation will focus on payments in the fields of healthcare, Agriculture, and smart traffic systems.

Goals and needs of users all across the country will be met.

According to the Director General of NASDRA, Khalilu Ahmed, the agreement bolsters the organisation’s strategic plan for digital evolution and provides financial inclusion as a component of Nigeria’s journey toward digital transformation. He added that the MOU, in collaboration with Visa and eGate, would ensure the execution of the most modern digital financial services to promote the plans of the government. They are sure that the MOU will help meet the goals and needs of users all over the country when it comes to implementing digital solutions.

Furthermore, Essam Al-Saghir, who is the Chairperson of eGate, stated that the partnership will make it possible for the Nigerian government to deliver new public and financial services to its people utilising citizens’ digital identities and Visa’s payment solutions to facilitate government digital transformation plans. He went on to say that the move toward digitising services will make it easier for governments to meet the expectations of the public while also demonstrating flexibility and effectiveness.

Digitising all of the public services could take years.

He explained that there is no denying that it is a difficult mission, and there are many obstacles that need to be conquered in order to put it into action on the ground while offering a seamless experience for the customer. The delivery of services by governments needs to undergo fundamental reforms in order to keep pace with modern expectations. This is not a simple undertaking, and it could take a number of years to digitise all of the public services completely.

Also, the use of digital identities will save time and effort that would have been spent on regular identification and cut down on improper use, Fraud, and Corruption, which will result in a more effective, fair and efficient service delivery. There will be different stages in the implementation process. The first step is to roll out a unified digital identity for all citizens. The second stage of implementation will focus on agriculture, healthcare, and smart traffic payments. Then, the rest of the government services will come next.

Significant strides toward digital transformation and financial inclusion.

Lastly, Visa West Africa Vice President and Group Head Andrew Oboye cited this partnership as evidence of their dedication to fostering the expansion of Nigerian digital economy. Together, they plan to make significant strides toward digital transformation and financial inclusion. In recent years, the ICT industry, healthcare and agriculture have been major contributors to the country’s GDP. To that end, he said, they are dedicated to assisting governments in pursuing full digitalisation, efficient financial operations, accountability, and the enhanced delivery of citizen services so that everyone can benefit.


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