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Nigeria can curb its 3.7% deforestation rate

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By Okunloye Abiodun

This initiative is a response to the global campaign on sustainable farming.

The Propcom+ initiative, which is supported by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO), is poised to revolutionise Nigeria’s landscape. According to the initiative, Nigeria is struggling with an alarming deforestation rate of 3.7%, which is primarily driven by unsustainable agricultural practices. This initiative came as a response to the global campaign on sustainable farming. As of the beginning of this year, 2024, the plan is scheduled to commence with the objective of rescuing four million people from poverty, protecting forests, and empowering female entrepreneurs.

At a well-attended workshop in Abuja, Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State, who was represented by his trusted delegate, Commissioner for Environment Joshua Omokhodion, along with Kevin Uwaibi, the capable Managing Director of the Edo State Investment Promotion Office (ESIPO) shared the exciting news with journalists. Uwaibi, eager to highlight the main objectives of this groundbreaking project, proudly announced that Edo state’s notable achievements in preserving oil palm and forests in an eco-friendly manner have gained widespread acclaim.

Forests, agriculture, and entrepreneurship sectors will be enhanced.

According to him, three vital areas in which Propcom will provide assistance have been carefully selected in the state. These sectors include forests, agriculture, and entrepreneurship. The strategic blueprint of Edo state aims to utilise Propcom’s resources to strengthen its invaluable forests, which are acknowledged as crucial elements for both environmental stability and economic development. Furthermore, the initiative plans to empower small-scale farmers through the implementation of climate-smart practices and improved market opportunities. By doing so, it intends to enhance productivity and build resilience within the agricultural industry.

A crucial emphasis resides on empowering female agribusiness entrepreneurs, promoting equal growth and unleashing their unexplored capabilities. The proactive approach by the state highlights the pressing importance embodied by the mission of PropCom. Similarly, Nigeria is confronting a distressing deforestation rate of 3.7%, largely driven by unsustainable farming techniques. It was observed that the company’s initiative strives to reverse this alarming pattern by redirecting the discourse towards sustainable land management and climate-resistant agricultural approaches.

More funding was given to support agricultural endeavours.

Additionally, the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) has granted participating Nigerian states the opportunity to access $210 million in financing. This financial support aims to support the advancement of essential infrastructure and associated endeavours within the framework of the Special Agro-industrial Processing Zones (SAPZ) program. Furthermore, in addition to Edo’s innovative initiatives, Propcom expands its influence to encompass a set of six states, aiming to benefit 4 million individuals, with a particular emphasis on ensuring equality for women.

With a significant financial backing of £55 million from the UK government, there is an ambitious initiative aimed at the preservation and revitalisation of forests, boosting small-scale farmers’ productivity and ensuring food security, building resilient agricultural systems that can withstand climate challenges and empowering female entrepreneurs to drive economic growth. This groundbreaking Propcom project emerges as a crucial turning point for Nigeria to directly address its multitude of environmental and economic hurdles. Edo’s unwavering guidance acts as a guiding light, urging people to come together and take collective steps forward.

All parties must collaborate to support the initiative.

In preparation for the implementation of Propcom, it is imperative for all parties involved to come together and synchronise their endeavours to guarantee the remarkable success of the program. By embarking on this joint venture, they are paving the way towards a more environmentally friendly and prosperous future for Nigeria. According to him, the Propcom initiative emphasises a transformative path that necessitates cooperation and unity to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for both Nigeria and its people.

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1 month ago

Nigeria can curb its 3.7% deforestation rate.This initiative is in response to the global campaign on sustainable farming. – Express your point of view.

1 month ago

The Propcom+ initiative presents a hopeful opportunity for Nigeria to address its deforestation challenges and boost sustainable agriculture. Edo State’s proactive approach is commendable, focusing on forests, agriculture, and empowering women entrepreneurs. The financial support from the UK government and AfDB is significant for the initiative’s success. Collaboration among stakeholders is vital to ensure a prosperous and eco-friendly future for our nation.

1 month ago

Nigeria could have a major influence on reducing the rate of deforestation in the country. A better ecosystem and a better tomorrow can be achieved by supporting responsible land use, safeguarding forests, and fostering reforestation initiatives.

Adeoye Adegoke
1 month ago

Nigeria has the potential to curb its deforestation rate of 3.7% and contribute to the global campaign on sustainable farming. It’s crucial to prioritize the preservation of our forests and promote sustainable agricultural practices.
Deforestation not only leads to the loss of biodiversity but also contributes to climate change. By implementing measures to reduce deforestation, such as promoting reforestation efforts, enforcing strict regulations on logging, and supporting sustainable farming practices, Nigeria can make a positive impact on the environment.
Investing in sustainable farming techniques, such as agroforestry and organic farming, can help ensure the long-term productivity of the land while minimizing the negative impact on forests. This can also improve the livelihoods of local communities by providing them with sustainable income opportunities.
Overall, Nigeria has the potential to make a significant difference in curbing deforestation and promoting sustainable farming. By taking proactive measures and involving all stakeholders, we can contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

1 month ago

Nigeria’s 3.7% deforestation rate can be reduced. This program is a reaction to the worldwide sustainable agriculture movement.This year, we ought to do well in raising our pace of reforestation. At every level, deforestation ought to be promoted. Planting trees contributes to a healthier environment.