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Nig. President Appreciates the Private Sector

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By Mercy Kelani

He thanked the community for their support towards economic growth.

During a recent address to the business community, the President of Nigeria, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu emphasized his commitment to delivering results as the leader of the country. Despite campaigning for the presidency, he acknowledged that excuses for underperformance were unacceptable. He highlighted that the economy of the country was approaching a critical juncture and stressed the importance of the unwavering support of the private sector for continued economic growth and prosperity of the nation.

While the meeting progressed, the president revealed that his team is tirelessly working to reduce the inflation rate of the nation to a more sustainable level. He thanked the Nigerian business community for their support and promised to communicate with them regularly, as he spoke during Iftar at the State House in Abuja. In his speech, President Tinubu expressed confidence in his ability to fulfill his duties, citing his campaign for the position as motivation.

The private sector reigns supreme as the ultimate driver of the economy.

Also, he acknowledged the support received and found inspiration in the words shared that evening. He emphasized the importance of reducing costs, addressing challenges, and boosting the economy to ensure success. While acknowledging the failures of other countries, he remained optimistic about the future. In today’s world, there are many nations that have achieved success. It is imperative for everyone, in this era, to collaborate in order to achieve success. The president further expressed his gratitude to the people present.

Setting the stage for dialogue, the president remarked that he would have convened this meeting earlier, outside of Ramadan, as everyone present are an essential part of his constituency. The private sector reigns supreme as the ultimate driver of the economy. Without its success, the country faces a bleak future devoid of growth, prosperity, employment, or development. No amount of rhetoric can mask the harsh reality – without a thriving private sector, progress is impossible.

Foreign investors showing interest in Nigeria will help diversify its economy.

More so, the private sector’s resilience is appreciated as the country stands at a critical juncture in its economic journey. He stated that there was no need for him to demonstrate all of that through a quadratic equation. He simply wanted to express his gratitude for their resilience and determination. He reassured everyone of his dedication to carrying out his responsibilities, pointing out that he must strive to excel because the voters have put their faith in him.

Reflecting on his trip to the New York Stock Exchange in 2023, the president highlighted Nigeria’s confidence in itself and its strong resolve to bring about economic change internally. He expressed his belief that Nigeria is a top choice for international investors during a speech at the New York Stock Exchange. He emphasized the importance of foreign investors showing interest in Nigeria to help diversify its economy, but also made it clear that Nigeria is fully capable of achieving this on its own.

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Tony Elumelu approached him afterwards to express gratitude for his words and reassured him that Nigeria has the capacity to succeed. Nigeria is a country that exudes confidence and consistently demonstrates its capability. Nigerian citizens are familiar with their identity, which is characterized by a spirit of determination and a strong belief in their ability to overcome challenges. During a recent Ramadan dinner, leaders from various sectors such as industry, banking, and entrepreneurship expressed their commitment to assisting in the implementation of the government’s economic initiatives.

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