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Nig. Learning Passport attains 1M subscribers

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By Mercy Kelani

This achievement is a major step forward to improve educational opportunities.

On June 18, 2024, UNICEF shared the exciting news that the" target="_blank">Nigeria Learning Passport (NLP) has achieved a significant milestone of one million subscribers. This achievement was recognized as a major step forward in improving educational opportunities within the country. UNICEF has officially declared the debut of a revolutionary digital educational platform through a press release. This platform was introduced to guarantee ongoing learning during the COVID-19 crisis and has quickly become a crucial resource in delivering consistent and high-quality education to children throughout Nigeria.

The collaborative initiative known as NLP is the product of the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) working in conjunction with government Ministries of Education at both the federal and state levels, alongside various key partners such as Microsoft, Airtel, IHS Towers, Sony, Botnar Foundation, and the Global Partnership for Education (GPE). With a vast collection of educational materials that are aligned with the curriculum, this platform provides more than 15,000 resources for interactive lessons, digital textbooks, and self-paced learning modules.

NLP platform will narrow educational disparity.

These materials are suitable for students ranging from primary to secondary education levels, as well as for teachers and parents. Ms. Cristian Munduate, the UNICEF Nigeria Representative, believes that the Nigeria Learning Passport’s one million subscribers confirm a shared dedication to providing all children in Nigeria with equal access to high-quality education, no matter where they are or what challenges they may face. Munduate emphasized the importance of this platform in narrowing the educational disparity and creating chances for children to grow and succeed, particularly in isolated and neglected areas.

Also, the Nigeria Learning Passport has played a crucial role in tackling the educational setbacks brought about by the pandemic, as well as more recent challenges such as natural disasters and school attacks. This has ensured a secure and nurturing learning environment for children, allowing them to continue their education. The platform’s easy-to-use interface has made it available to a wide range of learners. She detailed that the upcoming offline feature will extend accessibility to students with poor internet connection, enhancing inclusivity in the realm of education.

Access to content offline enables students to study without internet.

Furthermore, NLP offers a wide range of features to enhance education, including a diverse Curriculum covering Mathematics, Science, English, and Social Studies in English, Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba. Other features include Interactive Learning through videos, quizzes, and interactive activities, a platform that is free to use, and Data-free access when using an Airtel SIM Card. Access to content offline enables students to study without needing an internet connection. Additionally, Teacher resources are available to provide educators with the necessary tools and materials to enhance their teaching methods.

UNICEF recognized the crucial role played by its collaborators in the successful implementation of the Nigeria Learning Passport. Airtel received praise from the UN Agency for their efforts in improving accessibility through data services. IHS was recognized for their support in providing connectivity for students to stay connected. Microsoft’s Infrastructure was acknowledged for powering the platform, while Sony and Botnar were commended for their funding support in platform development. Global Partnership for Education’s funding was instrumental in setting up the platform, training technical teams, empowering teachers, and supplying devices.

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Additionally, UNICEF Nigeria remains committed to collaborating with both Federal and State Ministries of Education, as well as other stakeholders, in order to broaden the accessibility of the NLP. Efforts will also be made to improve the quality of its content to better serve the changing requirements of students. The milestone reached by the organization is a crucial advancement in working towards Sustainable Development Goal 4, ensuring that everyone has access to a fair and high-quality education. UNICEF is committed to ensuring a better tomorrow for all children by focusing on education and fostering creativity.


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