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New ministers reveal plans for Nigeria

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By Abraham Adekunle

Information minister vows new admin will be transparent and accountable.

Nigeria newly inaugurated Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris Magagi, has assured Nigerians that the new administration will be open, transparent and accountable to Nigerians. He said the government will run an open door and transparent policy in the course of its tenure. Magagi made this pledge alongside the Minister of Arts, Culture and Creative Economy and the Minister of Tourism. This was during an official reception organized in their honor at the Ministry of Arts, Culture and Creative Economy.

Magagi stated that there will be no room for lies and fake news, as President Bola Tinubu has instructed him to speak the truth as it is. He said that this was now a new covenant between the government and the people of Nigeria. He described himself as a reporter reporting for duty, adding that he meant it with every sense of the word. “The President has asked me to come and tell you, this is a brand new ministry of Information and National Orientation”.

We’re going to export Nigeria to the world, says Musawa.

Furthermore, he said that the ministry was set to be repositioned like never before. He said that having been in the industry for three decades, he knows the inadequacies and how to fix them. Essentially, it was a day for stakeholders to familiarize themselves with all the stakeholders in the ministry. According to him, Tinubu is truthful, honest and transparent. So, the ministry should be at the core of its job and own up where there are mistakes. He also charged the media to open their minds and hearts, as the ministry is going to roll out its plans for media in the next few days.

In her remarks, the new minister of Arts, Culture and Creative Economy, Barr. Musa Hanatu Musawa, promised to use her ministry to export Nigeria to the world. As an artist and songwriter, she said that she understood the passion that is required to move the ministry forward. With that, she will do a number of things to change the trajectory of the nation, changing its narrative. Most importantly, the ministry will sell the diverse cultures, which is the identity of the country, to the world.

Tourism minister vows to make industry number one revenue generator.

Also, the Minister of Tourism, Lola Ade-John, promised in her remarks to make tourism the number one revenue generation in Nigeria. Since tourism is about marketing and selling, she said that the ministry would engage everybody to sell the country, particularly the Ministry of Information. The ministry needs to collaborate with sister ministries to achieve our mandate. The reason for such a goal is that revenue from oil has drastically dropped, with the consistent decline in oil production since the beginning of the year.

Non-state actors have had a field day for long, particularly in the Niger Delta. The government has lost billions in revenue to oil thieves, pipeline vandals and illegal refineries. However, the country still relies on the sale of crude as a major source of revenue. Ade-John proposes to increase the revenue-generating potential of the industry to cushion the effect of this loss. “We can no longer continue to depend on oil and gas but explore the potentials in tourism to bolster our revenue generation base of the nation,’’ she said.

Perm. sec. assures the three ministers of cooperation.

As one of the key points of the newly inaugurated ministers, the permanent secretary of the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, Mrs. Ngozi Onwudiwe, has assured the three ministers of her cooperation. The ministries as well as the ministers are expected to work hand-in-hand to achieve the mandate of the government. “We are behind you solidly to realize whatever mandate the President has set for you,” and that the ministry had gone through a series of mergers and the minister’s jobs are enormous. However, she said that the officials will be there to actualize your mandate.

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