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NDPC launch new roadmap, aim for 500,000 jobs

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By Abdulwasiu Usman

This new roadmap is anticipated to generate revenue of ₦125 billion.

The Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC) has unveiled a visionary roadmap, set to mould the trajectory of Data Protection and Privacy in the country. Known as the NDPC’s 2023-2027 Roadmap (NDP-SRAP), its primary objective is to foster a thriving Data Privacy ecosystem in Nigeria. The roadmap revolves around vital pillars such as Governance, Ecosystem and Technology, Cooperation and Collaboration, as well as Funding and Sustainability. With an anticipated revenue of ₦125 billion, this strategic plan expands Nigeria’s standing as a vanguard in responsible data management .

During the launch of the roadmap in Abuja, Dr. Vincent Olatunji, the National Commissioner/CEO of the Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC), presented an innovative vision for Nigeria data landscape. He stressed the significance of safeguarding data privacy in influencing the country’s global standing, economic advancements, and overall security. According to Olatunji, data privacy possesses a substantial influence on Nigeria global reputation as well as its ability to attract international enterprises. He noted the vital link between responsible handling of data and the advancement of the country’s human resources, which call for secure data practices to foster business trust and assurance.

Local funding alternatives is required for DPAs.

He said the plan emphasizes the comprehensive measures taken to encourage economic growth and create job prospects, with a specific focus on generating 500,000 jobs, supporting the president’s agenda of generating 2 million job opportunities. Remarking on security concerns, Olatunji discussed the risks associated with unauthorized access to personal data, specifically in relation to data privacy. Ensuring the resolution of these matters is imperative for security and also deeply interconnected with fostering employment opportunities, driving economic growth, and shaping Nigeria image both domestically and on the global scene.

Acknowledging the global funding issues encountered by Data Protection Authorities (DPA), Olatunji said there is a need to establish local funding alternatives. He emphasized the significance of creating enduring means of financial sustainability for the NDPC and data protection projects in Nigeria. He urged all stakeholders involved to take immediate action, underscoring that the data protection landscape has become a universally relevant domain. The active involvement of certified experts, both private and public entities, and the media is crucial for the successful execution of this agenda.

Primary goal of SRAP is to enhance Nigeria data ecosystem.

Nigeria has effectively laid the foundation of confidence through the National Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) and taken additional measures to fortify its legal and institutional structure, aligning with global norms, while prioritizing privacy as an essential human right and societal cornerstone. Hence, with the purpose of capitalizing on this progress, the 2023-2027 Strategic Roadmap and Action Plan (SRAP) serves as the driving force for defining and putting into effect current and new policies within the realm of data privacy.

SRAP encompasses a network of 69 interconnected operations, encompassing the creation of employment opportunities and wealth, the development of capacities, the generation of revenue for the government, and the implementation of fundamental initiatives to fortify the digital economy, thereby bolstering Nigeria’s global standing. The operations, which have already generated more than 9,577 jobs and generated ₦5.5 billion in revenue as of December 2022, have the potential to yield increased revenue and foster expansion within the sector. SRAP’s primary goal is to enhance Nigeria data ecosystem by promoting trust among individuals, businesses, and the international community, ultimately enabling the country to develop a thriving data economy with remarkable global influence.

Data Protection and Privacy is also steered by the initiative.

In order to improve the overall welfare of Nigerians, SRAP aims to bring together and promote various data-driven initiatives across the nation. Its main goal is to establish a common comprehension of how data is utilized and to transform the Nigeria Data Protection Bureau (NDPB) into the Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC), granting it the authority to supervise and regulate data protection practices. The thriving and sustainable ecosystem of Data Protection and Privacy (DPP) is also steered by it, enabling its continuous growth.

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2 months ago

NDPC launch new roadmap, aim for 500,000 jobs. – This new roadmap is anticipated to generate revenue of ₦125 billion. – Express your point of view.

Adeoye Adegoke
2 months ago

The launch of the new roadmap by the NDPC with the aim of creating 500,000 jobs is truly exciting. Job creation is crucial for economic growth and development, and it’s great to see initiatives being taken to address this important issue.
Not only will the new roadmap generate much-needed employment opportunities, but the anticipated revenue of ₦125 billion will also have a significant positive impact on the economy. This increased revenue can be used to fund various developmental projects, improve infrastructure, and enhance the overall standard of living for Nigerians.
Creating jobs and generating revenue go hand in hand, as job creation leads to increased consumer spending, which in turn stimulates economic growth. The new roadmap demonstrates a commitment to promoting sustainable economic development and ensuring a brighter future for Nigeria.
I’m optimistic that this initiative will be successful in achieving its goals and making a tangible difference in the lives of many individuals and communities. It’s exciting to see the potential for positive change and progress in Nigeria’s economy through initiatives like this.
Let’s hope that the implementation of the new roadmap goes smoothly and that it brings about the desired outcomes of job creation, increased revenue, and overall economic prosperity.

2 months ago

With its new roadmap, NDPC hopes to create 500,000 employment. An estimated ₦125 billion will be made from this new roadmap.I’m hoping that this NDPC roadmap will be implemented. People who receive productive employment and the government, which can increase its revenue from the program, will both win from it.This program will succeed in reaching its objectives and improving the lives of numerous people and communities in a noticeable way.

2 months ago

wide-ranging initiatives to promote economic expansion and open up job opportunities, with a particular emphasis on creating 500,000 jobs, will help the president’s goal of creating 2 million jobs for the populace. This will also strengthen Nigeria’s position as a leader in responsible data management, which is good for our nation.